Easter For Adults

As you may know, I am a chocoholic. Over the years visiting chocolate museums, cafes, cocoa plantations in Madagascar and much more. There are times when it is nice to self indulge, Easter is definitely one of these times.

A few years ago I wrote a blog on some of the most indulgent Easter eggs for adults with gin and of course chocolate. This time it is one of my favourites, prosecco and pink popping candy.


Easter For Adults


There are some incredible Easter eggs available, from milk, dark and white chocolate. These could be fairtrade, handmade, and have a variety of cocoa content.

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Pink Popping Prosecco Easter - Prestat

The Pink Popping Prosecco Easter egg is handmade by eggstraordinary people at Prestat London. The rich milk chocolate egg with a pink popping prosecco lining comes in a gold foil wrapper secured with a delightful pink satin ribbon. While inside the egg is a bag of handcrafted pink popping indulgent prosecco truffles, all together packaged in a small colour coordinated box. What it lacks in size, it gives in cocoa content and popping candy. The rich thick chocolate truffles are best enjoyed chilled and devoured slowly. Leaving a powerful prosecco punch an