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Edinburgh's No1 Chocolate Experience

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

Love chocolate? You will love The Chocolatarium! Located in the heart of Edinburgh's old town, this is one attraction you must visit. Let's dive into the world of chocolate.

Edinburgh's No1 Chocolate Experience

What Is The Chocolatarium?

The chocolatarium was born while Jenny was teaching English in Ecuador. A country known for its cacoa plantations. Did you know it produces around 300 metric tonnes per year? Some say it's home to the world's best chocolate also known as 'black gold'.

Since opening in September this year, you can enjoy a tour including a tasting session and make your own chocolate. The shop has sourced the best chocolate available with high cocoa content from both local and further afield bean to bar makers. None of that palm oil rubbish!

What To Expect

The tour is 90 minutes full of chocolate goodness. Starting off with one of the most smooth, rich, dark chocolate cups to get the taste buds going. Wow! Discover the history of cacao, see and hold an actual cacao pod as well as where in the world cacao is grown and much more in the educational room.

Next into the laboratory/kitchen where you can see the full process and get hands-on with making your own chocolate. Choose from a variety of moulds including Nessie, Grayfriars Bobby and Scotland's own national flower - Thistle. Then with over 20 toppings from ginger, orange, tablet, rice crispies, chocolate balls and much more. How will you decide?

While your chocolate bar sets it's onto the tasting room. Yes, more chocolate. Time for a journey with chocolate. Sit back, relax as your taken on a mindfull journey with each bite of chocolate the flavours and depth reveling themselves as your taken to chocolate heaven. If that's not enough you can now choose a further 4 chocolates from a range of 20 hand-selected quality chocolates. I loved the haggis flavoured. Don't forget to try the cacao nib tea too.

Incredible Discoveries

I was surprised to discover that there was both vegan-friendly and dairy-free chocolate. There is no nuts insight, so those with a nut allergy can enjoy the chocolate experience too. Taste the incredible chocolate made with camels milk. Did you know that camels milk has less lactose? Ideal for those with lactose intolerance or that have an allergy to cows milk.

Can't recommend The Chocolatarium enough. After visiting a few of the world's chocolate museums this is definitely the best!

Open: Wednesday - Sunday 9.30am - 5.30pm

Tours are: Wednesday – Friday 10am & 2.30pm Saturday & Sunday 10am, 2.30pm & 4.30pm

Do book ahead for the tour to avoid disappointment.

For more information visit: The Chocolatarium

I hope you enjoy this incredible chocolate experience at The Chocolatarium as much as I did. Till next time....x

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