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Updated: May 20, 2022

It's World Bee Day today and was also Mental Health Awareness Week, here in the UK. It's been a strange and unsettling time for most of us trying to cope with the new "normal", uncertainty and financial woes.

I've found keeping busy (gardening, baking, writing, local walks and meditating) as well as staying in the present has helped. What have you enjoyed doing during this time?

"Yesterday's the past, tomorrow's the future, but today is a gift. That's why it's called the present" - Bill Keane

World Bee Day

World Bee Day is celebrated annually aiming to strengthen measures to protect bees and other pollinators. The health of people and the health of the planet are intimately connected. Did you know that 78% of native flora and 84% of crops need pollinators? Un-Bee-lieveable!

Honeybee on a wild pink flower.
Honeybee ©MDHarding

Here's How You Can Help

.You can support the Bumblebee Conservation Trust

.Create your own bee house for the garden. Here's an easy how-to make a bee house from Countryfile.

.Plant nectar-rich flowers that bees love. Did you know lavender is the most favoured? It's also great for you too, with its stress-reducing aroma, You can dry it and create a flower arrangement or put the flower heads into biscuits, create fragranced gifts or use the oil for a relaxing night's sleep.

.Buy local honey. Not only does it help the local economy but also goes to protecting the bees. Read more about The World of Honey here.

Would you like to keep your own bees? Did you know there are beekeeping courses? Discover more about them in the Bee-autiful Bees.

A section from the bee hive, covered in bees.
Beekeeper For A Day ©MDHarding

Mental Health Awareness Week (UK)

Hosted by the Mental Health Foundation, Mental Health Awareness Week maybe, took place last week but it is something that lives with us on an everyday basis.

I believe that kindness costs nothing. You never know what is going on in another person's life, what it's like living in their shoes. We can be like icebergs, only showing the top and not the huge chunk of ice laying underneath the water. It's a very British thing. With sayings like "it will be fine" and the current craze "keep calm and carry on". We try to deal with things on our own, letting things carry on for too long, instead of asking for help and nipping things in the bud. I'm all too aware and have been guilty of this too. Don't forget to be kind to yourself too. We always put others first, you have to re-fill in order to be at your best to help others. Like on the aeroplane safety video, fit your mask first!

David Hamilton an inspirational ex-scientist and author, has researched that kindness is good for you and can boost the immune system as well as a healthy heart.

I hope you have enjoyed reading, as much as I have enjoyed writing Well-Beeing.

As always, I love to read your comments and questions. You can get in touch via social media or reach out in an email to:

Take care, until next time x


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