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Just To Say .... Cotton & Grey Relaxation Bees Wax Candles Review

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

I love everything bees from bee-autiful interior plump cushions to kitchen bee accessories and honey of course! I was so excited to discover natural beeswax candles from Cotton & Grey. Taking time out in a very busy schedule is so important. Having experienced burnout on a number of occasions, my motto this year is to take time for myself and relax. Here is how you can take time out too with Cotton & Grey relaxation candles.

Time for you note with small yellow bees wax candle in small white peeble like holder and other small yellow candles in grey box.
Time For You with Cotton & Grey Relaxation Candles ©MDHarding

Cotton & Grey Relaxation Bees Wax Candles Review

The tiny box arrived safely in the post, through the letterbox. Inside a beautiful grey box with 12 miniature yellow natural bees wax candles and a perfectly formed little white pebble-shaped holder.

Cotton & Grey candle package on the door mat.
Cotton & Grey Relaxation Candles Have Arrived! ©MDHarding

I sat down to write my journal and downloaded everything onto paper that had happened that day, all the while the little candle burned brightly. Twenty minutes later I was finished and so to was the candle. There was a hint of honey fragrance, no dribbled wax, and no heat from the holder. Just to be safe I would not put the candle and holder directly onto any surface and please do not leave any candle/naked flame unattended!

Time Out With Cotton & Grey Relaxation Candles ©MDHarding

These beautiful little candles are a great reminder to take time out and immerse yourself in the moment, as well as being perfectly formed for that 20-minute tea break too (no more clock-watching).

A little ray of hope and peace, reminding me of the power of mindfulness, and how important it is to be in the now.

"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery but today is a gift, that is why it is called the present" - Eleanor Roosevelt

About Cotton & Grey

Cotton & Grey twenty-minute candles came about when they put together a small box of beeswax candles and handwritten affirmation cards for a close friend, who was struggling in lockdown to help her relax and restore her well-being… and she loved them!

Six months on, Cotton & Grey are the proud finalists in this year's Gift of the Year 2022.

A wide selection of small and larger candles for all occasions can be found at:

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