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Are You Buzzing With Excitement - World Bee Day

As a huge fan of everything bee, I couldn't wait to get the garden bee prepared. We are now buzzing with excitement and anticipation to see the bee-friendly blooms. Here are some you might like to plant in your garden.

A large bee on a blue cornflower
A Busy Bee On A Cornflower ©MDHarding

How To Create A Bee-utiful Outdoor Garden

There are some incredible bee-utiful garden plants that are also bee-friendly. You don't have to have a large garden to help our wee pollinators, a plant pot is ideal for a packet of wildflower seeds. If you have a larger garden you might like to plant a tree such as a crab apple (we got one from the Woodland Trust along with a birch and elder). Here are more suggestions with incredible offers from Wowcher.


LOVED BY BEES: From £8.99 – Save up to 36% - Lavender 'Munstead' - 1 or 2 Plants in 9cm Pots

I love lavender and have just planted 20 lavender plug plants from You Garden. They are great for all sorts of locations within the garden from lavender hedges to around a rose garden (to protect roses from green fly). More lavender biscuits in the pipeline this summer. You can discover more in Where To Enjoy The World's Lavender blog.


Lilac At Cambo House ©MDHarding

Save up to 30% - From £13.99 - 3 Fragrant French Lilac Plants

Wisteria Sinensis

From £7.99 – Save up to 27% - Wisteria Sinensis Plant with 9cm Pot - 3 Options!


Save up to 37% - from £12 – Buddleia Tricolour Butterfly Bush - Buy 1, 2 or 4!

I have had a buddleia for years, they are so hardy and self seed too. Luckily I had a free plant to transplant into my new garden. They are also loved by butterflies.

Tubular flowers are an important source of food for long-tonged bees, such as the common garden Bumblebee!


Save up to 45% - From £10.99 - Mix of 3 Honeysuckle Plants

I already have one growing in a trellis planter. An ideal climber for a sunny or part-shade area.


Foxglove ©MDHarding

From £6.99 - Foxglove ‘Panther’ Plants – 5 or 10 Plants!


Save up to 36% - From £8.99 - Mixed Dalmatian Foxglove Plants - 48 or 72 Plants!

These are fab in woodland areas. The photo above was taken in my last garden and they just kept flowering and self seeding (lots of free plants in coming years).

Aren't these offers from Wowcher incredible! I am very tempted by the westeria but first I need an arch.

I hope you are inspired to plant some of these bee-utiful bee-friendly plants in your garden this year.

Until next time...bee friendly, bee safe and bee kind x


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