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Are You Buzzing With Excitement - World Bee Day

As a huge fan of everything bee, I couldn't wait to get the garden bee prepared. We are now buzzing with excitement and anticipation to see the bee-friendly blooms. Here are some you might like to plant in your garden.

A large bee on a blue cornflower
A Busy Bee On A Cornflower ©MDHarding

How To Create A Bee-utiful Outdoor Garden

There are some incredible bee-utiful garden plants that are also bee-friendly. You don't have to have a large garden to help our wee pollinators, a plant pot is ideal for a packet of wildflower seeds. If you have a larger garden you might like to plant a tree such as a crab apple (we got one from the Woodland Trust along with a birch and elder). Here are more suggestions with incredible offers from Wowcher.


LOVED BY BEES: From £8.99 – Save up to 36% - Lavender 'Munstead' - 1 or 2 Plants in 9cm Pots

I love lavender and have just planted 20 lavender plug plants from You Garden. They are great for all sorts of locations within the garden from lavender hedges to around a rose garden (to protect roses from green fly). More lavender biscuits in the pipeline this summer. You can discover more in Where To Enjoy The World's Lavender blog.