How To Beat Jet Lag and Get A Good Night's Sleep

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

I don't know about you but over the years the jet lag has gotten worse and I was intrigued to discover natural ways of preventing or at least minimising the effects of jet lag and getting a good night sleep while both travelling and at home. Here are some ways you might not have heard of and more.

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How To Beat Jet Lag and Get A Good Night's Sleep

Body Clock - What Makes Us Tick

Did you know that we all have an internal body clock? It regulates itself on both the amount and density of light that enters the eye. It is said you can minimise jet lag by timing when your flight arrives, so you can get the best light to help your internal body clock adjust naturally and much faster! Flying east? Arrive in the morning, if west schedule arriving in the late afternoon. Who knew?

What To Avoid For a Good Night Sleep

Caffeine is well known for keeping you awake, so tea and coffee are best avoided. These are also best avoided on flights too.