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Where to Enjoy the World's Lavender

Updated: Mar 14

The fragrant Lavender shrub is known for its medicinal uses, sleep and calming properties but did you know it can be used in culinary dishes too? One of my favourite bee and butterfly-friendly plants is a delight and easy to grow. Discover more about this incredibly useful and aromatic plant, as well as where in the world you can enjoy it.

Lavender © MDHarding

Where To Enjoy The World's Lavender

History of Lavender

Lavender is believed to be from the Mediterranean, Middle East and India. Its history goes back some 2500 years. Lavender is a flowering plant of the mint family known for its beauty, sweet floral fragrance and multiple uses.

Growing Lavender

Lavender is really easy to grow, although in hot weather and if in a pot, don't let it dry out. You could try growing it from seed, cuttings, plugs (like I have below) or potted plants.

Over the years I have grown lavender from plugs and potted plants. I love to dry the flower heads to make small scented drawer cushions and use them in biscuits. If looking to enjoy the flowers right away be sure to invest in potted plants.

This year I have planted a lavender Munsted hedge purchasing 20 fragrant plugs for only £15 + PP from Blooming Direct (UK). They arrived very quickly and in good condition.

They will take two to three years to flower but the cost is much lower and will be worth the wait.

Planting Garden Ready Lavender Plants ©MDHarding

Norfolk Lavender Milk Chocolate

There are a number of products created using Lavender. Did you know chocolate was one?

Norfolk Lavender dates back to 1932, distilling lavender oil to go into products such as Norfolk Lavender Milk Chocolate, tea, candles, bath and body lotions plus lots more!

The taste is very distinctive, not overpowering but you know that it is Lavender flavoured. This chocoholic loved it!

Norfolk Lavender Milk Chocolate ©MDHarding

Lavender By Tessa Evelegh

Tessa has created a wonderful book on lavender, full to the brim with am