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A to Z Blog - India

Updated: Mar 14

Sorry a little late with September's A to Z Blog, I've been having too much fun traveling and exploring Taiwan. Yes, Taiwan could be T (wink). More on Taiwan later. There are lots of great countries to visit with the letter I Including Iceland, Italy, Israel, Ireland and of course India. It was another difficult month trying to decide which one of these really interesting destinations I would share with you. I have been very lucky to have traveled to India five times, with my latest adventure this past February, taking us to the home of the Dalai Lama in Dharamsala. What an adventure it was too! Here are some insightful tips and highlights you should not miss while enjoying your trip to Incredible India.

Lady picking Darjeeling tea leaves on a plantation in India.
Darjeeling Tea Plantation ©MDHarding

A to Z Blog - India

Getting to India

There are several airlines and cities you can fly into within India. I flew with British Airways from Edinburgh via London and landing in Delhi.

Indian Visa

If traveling with a British passport, you have two options. One being the E-Visa or applying for a physical visa directly from the Indian Consulate in London.

On our last visit in February the E-Visa had really taken off and the lines going through passport control were horrendous!! After two hours we were frantically looking for our luggage on the baggage belts, but with the amount of time taken all traces of the flight number had been removed from the baggage screens. I have never experienced this before but then again I normally travel to India in March and November.

There are positive and negative points for both visa options. The E-Visa is very fast and is less expensive (currently £62) but can be a little problematic with sizing the photograph and copy of passport, you have to attach. The physical visa can take up to a week. As I'm located in Edinburgh I have used a visa processing company called (will need to have a think and get back to you on this). It saved time traveling to London and waiting in line. On another occasion, I have applied through VFS Global who are located in Edinburgh. When I next travel to India I will revert back to the visa processing company in London. As it was very quick and efficient service. After a long flight, all you want to do is get your bags and re-coup at the hotel before exploring.

Guard in red uniform, sat on brown and white horse holding a flag by a historical firing gun, outside the gates of Fateh Prakesh Palace, Udaipur, India
Fateh Prakesh Palace, Udaipur, Inda ©MDHarding


India is 13 times larger than the UK, spanning 3.287 million km² and has a population of over 1.3 billion! Each of the 29 states has something unique to offer. There are a number of options available to travel throughout the country, train, plane and of course automobile. The train can be a little haphazard at times, being cancelled or severally delayed, although this past February our Northern India by Rail went smoothly. As with most countries, flying can now be a little tiresome, with lines for check-in, security and finally boarding. Did you know India has segregated airport security lines? IndiGo Airways offers reasonable fares between many of the states. Maybe like me, you would like to travel independently with a pre-booked taxi? What fun, that trip was!

Sunset at India Gate with tuk tuk, people and traffic.
Delhi as the sun goes down on India Gate ©MDHarding