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Versatile Clothing For All Weather Adventures

Updated: Mar 12

Weather can take all shapes and forms, from downpours both hot and cold to extreme heat. Are you travelling this year on a short or long haul adventure and wondering how you will pack for all weathers? Or perhaps just a morning at the golf and looking for smart and comfortable trousers? Here are some of the greatest versatile products I have recently discovered, that you too, could try.

I love my Craghoppers clothing. The several key pieces I have had for years. The quality, durability and they dry super fast. The waterproof trousers are great for walking, golf, cycling and much more!

Christmas is just around the corner, and Craghoppers has some amazing offers to help save you money and enjoy the outdoors. From jackets and fleeces to socks and travel accessories, they've got the perfect gift for the outdoor enthusiasts, and for any wallet!

Changeable Weather at Fort George, Scotland ©MDHarding

Versatile Clothing For All Weather Adventures

Dressing For The Weather in Scotland

Did you know there are several words in the Scottish language for rain including dreich, bucketing it down or it could be just a drizzle?

Don't get caught short with our several kinds of weather in one day. It can be a challenge especially if you want to look smart but still weather appropriate.

One of those occasions might be a golf event. Scotland the home of golf has a large number of both golf courses and events that take place throughout the year.

Ladies Open at Dundonald Links ©MDHarding

I was so lucky when I did get caught, it was bucketing it down at the Ladies Open at Dundonald Links, we could see it coming and we're ready! My smart Craghoppers black trousers got a beating but exceeded my expectations. They didn't stick to my legs as most trousers do and within a 10-minute car journey they were bone dry. They are even ideal for hot climates with UVA protection built-in. The next great thing since sliced bread, as we say here in Scotland.

Caught when it was bucketing it down ©MDHarding

On the mad dash back to the car I had to capture how drenched those trousers were.

Packing For Long Haul Adventures

Have you heard of a capsule wardrobe? It's the easiest way to pack, with complimentary colours and accessories that you can mix and match for both day and night. Ideal when you would like to have several outfits for a number of days but have limited space in a backpack or saving space in the suitcase for all the nice things you are going to buy.