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Travel In Style With Cabin Zero, India

Updated: Mar 11, 2023

A girl can never have too many bags and finding the right one for the right occasion or travel itinerary is always important. My life was made so much easier when traveling to the north of India with Cabin Zero. Read on to discover why and also a limited promotional offer, especially for my readers/subscribers for your own Cabin Zero.

Travel In Style With Cabin Zero

What is Cabin Zero

Like most of us travelers, the story started with a travel adventure. The problem was trying to find the right bag. A bag that can be put through its paces and still last the duration of the trip whether that is a weekend away or the trip of a lifetime circumnavigating the world.

Bags can be weighty with inbuilt frames, unlockable and not secure, as well as not great quality.

Cabin Zero is a cabin-sized bag with zero hassle.

Cabin Zero Classic 44L Navy Flag ©MDHarding

What Cabin Zero Can Do For You

I am always looking for a better travel bag and Cabin Zero ticked all the right boxes.

. Light Weight (0.76kg)

. Good Quality (10 years guarantee extended to 25 years if you like Cabin Zero's, Facebook Page).

. Lockable Zippers (personalise with your own padlock)

. Bag Tag Security (Okoban linked to WorldTracer)

. Water Resistant

. Large Storage pockets (44L with dimensions 51 X 36 X 19 Cm Full-size storage pockets)

. Socially Responsible

Traveling light is a huge priority for me with all the camera equipment, I don't like to be weighed down. The Cabin Zero bag is very lightweight and cabin sized. Why wait in line to check in luggage, when you can skip the lines with cabin baggage?

Getting Ready To Board BA With Cabin Zero ©MDHarding

Traveling In India With Cabin Zero

When traveling in India you can be faced with all sorts of challenges such as riding in small vehicles like a tuk-tuk or even on-board a rickshaw. The smaller your bag the easier it is to manage the commute and travel in style. The bag fitted easily into overhead storage compartments onboard the tourist bus, on internal flights, and safely under the seats of both the express and Toy Train.

Traveling Indian Style On-board A Tuk Tuk ©Surya Rathore

Traveling Light

If you are on an adventure and have to carry all your own luggage, traveling light is a real bonus! Northern India is said to be the rooftop of the world alongside Tibet, situated by the beautiful Himalayan Mountains. The cities of Dharamshala and Shimla are built on hilltops with an elevation of up to 2,276 metres (7467 feet). Navigating the narrow, winding streets, some with incredibly steep stairwells easily manageable with lightweight luggage. The other upside is you can go shopping before you head home. There aren't many that can say they came home with a new rug. Well, India is after all home to traditional skills such as carpet weaving dating back to the 15th century AD.

Looking Out Over Shimla ©MDHarding

I hope you have enjoyed reading and discovering more about Cabin Zero. For a limited time, only Cabin Zero is kindly giving all my lovely readers and followers 10% off with any Cabin Zero and delivering free of charge to most countries around the world.

I love bringing you great products, and places to visit that are ethical and socially responsible. If there is anything you would like to know more about or have an idea you would like me to cover. please email

Happy Travels:) x

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