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how to use yoga principles & postures to boost your career

So many of us are working too hard, too fast, and risking burnout. We know we’re doing it, but we don’t know how to stop and worry that if we do, our careers will suffer.

Kat Byles is the Founder of the True Business School, working with creative, visionary and purpose-driven leaders, entrepreneurs, teachers, healers, artists and coaches to unleash their heart’s wisdom and creativity on a happier, healthier, wealthier business and world.

Kat Byles believes that by bringing the principles of yoga into your work, you can avoid burnout and build your career at the same time. Discover three key principles: connection, alignment and action, how you can use each and practical advice on achieving them. As well as, learning five yoga poses to use in your work-life that will help you create connection, find alignment and take action: Mountain Pose or Tadasana; Goddess Pose or Utkata Konasana; Warrior 2 Pose or Virabhadrasana II; Tree Pose or Vrksasana; and Corpse Pose or Shavasana. What the benefits are, how to do them, and when to use them.


Kat Byles, founder, of True Business School, invites you to follow your heart’s wisdom into a happier, healthier, wealthier business and world.

As a global change-maker with a big mission and purpose, and working a 100-hour week, I burned out. My health, relationships and happiness were driven into the ground.

I listened to my heart’s wisdom and followed it to Antigua. Here I floated in the turquoise Caribbean Sea, walked barefoot on the white sand, ate ripe, juicy mangoes from the tree and fell into a rhythm with nature. This immersion in nature restored my wellness. Then it began feeding me with inspiration for True Business – a way of being in business in harmony with our true, higher nature and creative consciousness.

Business is hurtling in the wrong direction. We know this – and it has to change. It is increasingly clear that leading with profit, ahead of everything else, separates us from our true selves and from nature; and it hurts.

Cut off from Source, or universal energy, we struggle against our nature, working hard to chase ambition, financial targets, promotions, recognition and goals. We become sick; depression, stress, and anxiety set in.

When you take consistent business action inspired by your heart’s wisdom, you build structures that nourish and support you to thrive. Your business becomes a vehicle for the expression of universal intelligence. You create win-win outcomes.