Vietnamese Chocolate

Vietnam seems the most unlikely of places for Cocoa, but did you know the French colonists planted Cocoa in the 1800's? Today expats are back helping the country become one of the top producers of high end chocolate. Here is what you need to know about Vietnamese Chocolate.

Vietnamese Chocolate - Pheva ©MDHarding

What You Need To Know About Vietnamese Chocolate

Marou Chocolate

The creamy Marou chocolate bars are delicious! It was after receiving one as a birthday gift, that sparked my imagination as to other Vietnamese chocolate producers. I couldn't wait to investigate while traveling in Vietnam. The bars of chocolate are 165.000 VND (Vietnamese Dong) in Hoi An and cost £4.00 GBP in the UK.

Marou Chocolate ©MDHarding

Legendary Chocolatier Da Nang Chocolate

Legendary Chocolatier hand-makes Da Nang chocolate. The box of 24 pieces cost 159,000 VND (Vietnamese Dong) approx £5.00 GBP (Great British Pounds). The beautifully wrapped individual pieces of chocolate come in luxurious wrapping with their own mentioned flavoured outer wrap. Flavours include chilli, cinnamon, coffee, ginger, lemon, banana, anise, walnut and more. They are creamy textured and to taste, with a pleasant flavour that's not over powering or bitter. Available at Da Nang airport.

Legendary Chocolatier Da Nang Chocolate ©MDHarding

Socolatier Vietnam Almond Chocolate

The dense chocolate lotus shaped chocolates are hard to bite through but once in, you get the nutty almond. The chocolate leaves a cocoa butter aftertaste. The box of 10 pieces cost 130,000 VND (Vietnamese Dong) approx £4.40 GBP (Great British Pounds). Can be purchased at the airport or also at the large tourist bus station stops.

Socolatier Vietnam Almond Chocolate ©MDHarding

Alluvia Chocolatier - Dark Chocolate Cina Pepper

The Alluvia Chocolatier with 70% cocoa is dark and intense with bursts of Cina Pepper flavour. Costing $7.00 USD (United States Dollars) is one of the most expensive bars of chocolate available. Purchased at Da Nang Airport.

Alluvia Chocolatier - Dark Chocolate CINA Pepper ©MDHarding

Henk Chocolate

Henk Chocolate comes in a delightful box, ideal as a gift to bring home from your travels in Vietnam.

The thin crisp milk chocolate bar has an unusual creamy taste to begin with, then with the occasional lotus seed, leaving a nice chocolaty after taste. The bar costs $4.00 USD. Can be purchased at most airports.

Henk Chocolate ©MDHarding

TBROS Dark Milk Chocolate

Upon stumbling upon TBROS in Hoi An, we decided to give it the taste test. The attractive decorative recycled paper reveals a gold crisp wrapping. Inside lays a dark chocolate bar moulded with the cocoa bean and leaf shapes. The 54% Cocoa bar is dark and creamy textured with a rich dark chocolate after taste. Costing 135.000 VND ( £4.33 GBP) per bar.

TBROS Dark Milk Chocolate ©MDHarding