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The Eteaket Tea Flight

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

This week is National Gardening Week running from 10th - 16th April 2017. You're maybe thinking what does tea have to do with gardening? Did you know there are tea gardens/plantations around the world? Each grows its own unique blend and strength of the tea.

My love of tea has taken me around the world from a traditional tea ceremony in Japan to the traditional coca tea in Peru, South America.

Three images, one inside a traditional tea house with tea instruments laid out and in a hotel experiencing a traditional tea ceremony with green tea and sweet.
Traditional Tea Ceremony Japan ©MDHarding

The Eteaket Tea Flight

This week I didn't have far to travel, only into Edinburgh city centre, to discover The Eteaket Tea Flight.

Here's a little taster of what's included in the journey. Did I mention there is also chocolate? Yum!

Tea leaf in it's natural form.
Tea Leaf ©MDHarding

Eteaket's Tea Journey

Eteaket's story started in Edinburgh back in 2005, with a love of loose-leafed tea from around the world. Today you can enjoy a scrumptious afternoon tea at the Eteaket Tea Room on Fredrick Street and also purchase the many fragrant teas at the Eteaket shop which opened in November 2016 on Rose Street. You can also find everything you need to make that refreshing cup of tea!

"It's Always Tea Time" - The Mad Hatter

An enamel pin badge gift for all those tea lovers - saying "A cup of tea solves everything".
A Cup of Tea Solves Everything ©MDHarding

The Eteaket Tea Flight

Discover the delicious teas grown around the world, the perfect temperature tea should be brewed in order to retain its wholeness and quality taste. Before sitting in your own little bubble enjoying delicious teas in the crafted bubble cup, alongside the perfect chocolate combinations.

Inside the Eteaket shop on Rose Street, Edinburgh you can actually see the brewing methods and try various types of tea. Here is the two glass tea instruments in the process of filtering the tea.
Tea is Being Served ©MDHarding

Ceramic Bubble Cup in action, alongside two different types of Eteaket tea boxes.
The delightful Bubble Cup by Ian Henderson Ceramics ©MDHarding

White chocolate made with tea and glass of brewed tea.
Delicious Tea and Chocolate Combinations ©MDHarding

A lovely afternoon enjoying fragrant teas and delicious chocolate, what more does a girl need?

Maybe another afternoon indulging and watching the world go by? Don't fret Eteaket has it covered. There is a lovely range of both tea and chocolate packages available to purchase for yourself or maybe as a special gift.

Eteaket Royal Earl grey tea and Coco Royal Earl grey tea chocolate produced specially for Eteaket.
EteaketTea and Coco Chocolate Packages ©MDHarding

For dates and availability visit Eteaket

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! Yum!! x

Thank you to Eteaket.

Disclaimer: All the above opinions and comments are my own. Images were taken with a mobile phone.

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