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Fun Flower Tea Infusers

Spring has finally arrived! This time of year we traditionally think about spring cleaning and have that little bit more energy (spring in our step). It's also a great time to look at healthier alternatives. Loose tea is a favourite of mine, with so many flavours and health benefits too, including detoxifying. As a nation, the UK are one of the largest tea drinkers with more than 100 million cups per day, totalling more than 36 billion per year! Isn't that incredible. I dread to think about all the microplastic in tea bags, not only in the world but what's inside my body (very scary thought). Here's a little tea infuser that will make you smile.

Three brightly different coloured flower potted tea infusers on the lawn.
Sfizzio Flower Tea Infusers ©MDHarding

Over the year's I have tried all kinds of loose tea infusers from metal clip to squeeze handed ones. The most annoying thing is getting the loose tea out of all the little holes. Recently I discovered Sfizzio flower tea infusers. Not only are they very cute but also easy to wash and most importantly are high-quality BPA-free and made of food-safe silicone.

"Sfizzio" meaning whimsical or for fun in Italian, sums up these incredible brightly coloured tea infusers, that sit by my window. Readily on hand for that next refreshing cuppa.

I was impressed by how quickly they arrived, just a day later!

They come in a packet of three, all different colours, each in their own individual colourful boxes.

Three colourful Sfizzio tea infusers with their own colourful boxes.
Sfizzio Tea Infusers With Individual boxes ©MDHarding

They are really easy to use with a detachable bottom to fill with loose tea and a little pot to keep in, while you enjoy that perfect cuppa.

Close up image of Sfizzio Tea Infuser parts and loose tea.
Sfizzio Tea Infuser With Loose Tea ©MDHarding

I'm so excited to share these little bundles of fun with you. Rest assured I only share products that I truly love and use myself.

Anyone for tea?

You can order yours via amazon.

Sfizzio Tea Flower Infusers in glasses, infusing the hot water.
Tea For Two ©MDHarding

I hope you love them as much as I do. As always, I would love to hear from you with any comments/questions you may have. Drop me an email:

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