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Top Five Places Associated With Sir Walter Scott

Updated: Jan 3

Sir Walter Scott (Scottish novelist, playwright, poet, and historian born in Edinburgh August 1771) is known for his novels such as the Waverley, Rob Roy, The Lady of The Lake, Ivanhoe and many more are famous around the world. A celebration for the 250th anniversary of the bard continues into 2022 with on and offline events. Here are the top five places associated with Sir Walter Scott you might like to visit and exciting news!

Sculpture of Sir Walter Scott Sitting with his dog and holding a book, gazing into the distance.
Sir Walter Scott ©MDHarding

Top Five Places Associated With Sir Walter Scott

Honresfield Library - Scottish Institutions Celebrate Appeals Success

An appeal was launched earlier last year when it was announced that a collection of original manuscripts held in the Honresfield Library, which has been unseen by the public for almost a century, were being put up for auction.

The library, collected and curated by a Rochdale businessman in the 1800s, comprises priceless manuscripts, rare first editions and irreplaceable letters. These include works by Robert Burns, Sir Walter Scott and the Brontë siblings.

The complete working manuscript of Sir Walter Scott’s iconic novel Rob Roy, part of the autographed manuscript of Scott’s verse romance, The Lay of the Last Minstrel, his travel journal of an expedition off the Scottish coast in 1814, a copy of Border Antiquities with extensive manuscript revisions, and an exceptional group of Scott first editions in their original condition.

The Scottish members of a consortium (Abbotsford, the National Library of Scotland and the National Trust for Scotland) set up to save the unique collection of literature for, have welcomed the news that their international appeal has reached its target of £15 million. Back in December, it was announced that the incredible works had indeed been saved for the nation and arrangements will be made in the coming months for the Scottish organisations to take possession of key works from the collection, conserve them and make them publicly accessible.

Hand written pages of the manuscript of Rob Roy by Sir Walter Scott
The manuscript of Sir Walter Scott's Rob Roy ©Courtesy of Sotheby's

Abbotsford House - Scottish Borders

Abbotsford, the Home of Sir Walter Scott, is one of the most renowned houses in the world. Located in the beautiful Scottish Borders, It reflects the imagination, enthusiasms and preoccupations of the man who designed and built it, and is the physical embodiment of the classic Scott novel: a delightful and dramatic reinterpretation of Scotland’s past, charmingly laid out for the cultural enrichment of its future.

Its mission is:

To preserve, protect and improve the Abbotsford buildings and contents and land associated with Sir Walter Scott and his family for the benefit and enjoyment of the public;


To advance the education of the public in relation to the life and works of Sir Walter Scott and the history of Abbotsford.

Abbotsford is really easy to visit, either by tour bus, car or train. Did you know you can take the Scottish Borders train from Waverley Train Station, Edinburgh to Tweedbank?

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