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Secret Edinburgh: An Unusual Guide - Book Review

Updated: Mar 11, 2023

As a resident of Edinburgh, I'm always looking out for something new to explore and enjoy. This Edinburgh travel guide gives you lots of factual information on behind-the-scenes things you wouldn't have heard of and things only locals would know about. I was quite surprised that I hadn't heard of some of the entries myself!

Secret Edinburgh: An Unusual Guide - Book Review

If you missed my earlier review of JonGlez's Secret Milan, I mentioned how surprised I was by what these travel guides don't include such as accommodation, restaurants, and where to shop. The JonGlez travel guides are none as I have ever read before.

This local guide by locals contains an abundance of factual information on what to see in Edinburgh such as hidden gardens, the wild west, the Statue of Abraham Lincoln, Hully Hill Cairn, Cammo Estate, Double Grave of Beauty, and the Great Lafayette (the famous magician of the early 20th century) and even The Aerotone (a Victorian prototype jacuzzi) as well as much more!

The Secret Edinburgh travel guide includes Old Town, New Town, North - Leith, South, West, and East. All 263 pages are filled with an abundance of hidden gems like those I have mentioned above, as well as photographs, interesting stories, and maps. If you have never visited Edinburgh before, planning a return visit, or like myself a resident I highly recommend getting a copy of this book. I'm looking forward to exploring more of my home city with this extraordinary travel guide.

Don't follow the crowds, get off the beaten track and see the real Edinburgh. Highly recommend this book!

ISBN: 978-2-36195-148-1

£12.99GBP, $19.95USD

Happy Travels:) x

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