I'm a Celeb Gwyrch Castle: UK castles among most Instagrammable worldwide

The highly-anticipated ITV survival reality series - I’m a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! - Stirred up a storm again this year. On the net, as fans eagerly awaited the show's return many were searching for Castle's to visit, stay, wedding venues and much more. Since the move of the show’s campsite from the exotic Australian jungle to the ruins of the UK’s Gwrych Castle last year due to Covid restrictions, this beautiful Grade I listed Welsh fortress has once again captured the public’s eyes, highlighting just how many beautiful castles there are to see worldwide.

Hence, following the massive hype surrounding the reality series and the ongoing refurbishment of the historic Gwrych Castle for the series, Stokemont.com was intrigued to unveil the most Insta-worthy castles around the world by looking at the number of hashtags featuring 52 sites — scrupulously selected after analysing various sites as among the world’s most beautiful castles.

I'm a Celeb Gwyrch Castle: UK castles among most Instagrammable worldwide

The World's Most Beautiful Castles

  • Versailles Palace in France topped the list to be the world’s most Instagrammable castle with a sum of 778,961 hashtags on Instagram.

  • Inspiration for the Disney Castle - Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany, has made it into the top 3 alongside Prague Castle.

  • French, German and Scottish castles dominate the top 20 list with their picturesque castles being a perfect backdrop for Instagram shoots.

  • Gwrych Castle, which will play host to the reality series I’m a Celebrity this year, is currently still a ‘hidden gem’, ranking 48th.

  • 6 out of the total 52 castles analysed reside in England, with Windsor Castle being the favourite.

Versailles Palace, France ©shutterstock-Mistervlad

Top 20 World’s Most Instagrammed Castles by Rank, Castle and Country

No. of Hashtags


Château de Versailles



Stealing the top spot is Château de Versailles, conquering the list with a total of 778,961 Instagram hashtags as endless streams of tourists visit this suburb located on the outskirts of Paris, merely to catch a glimpse of the baroque splendour.

Versailles Palace ©shutterstock-Mistervlad


Neuschwanstein Castle



In second place, with an estimated 1.5 million of tourists stopping over every year to view its iconic limewhite ramparts and blue turrets, is the Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany which has amassed 731,976 hashtags on Instagram. Nestled in the Balvarian alps, this fairytale-like edifice built out of a whim back in the 19th century, has inspired the architectural structure of the renowned Disney castle today - as well as appearing in Disney classics like Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty.

Neuschwanstein Castle ©shutterstock_canadastock


Prague Castle

Czech Republic


Next up on the list in third is Prague Castle. Bagging a total of 691,007 hashtags on Instagram, this medieval castle has been crowned the world’s largest ancient castle according to the Guinness World Records, as it houses a constellation of cultural establishments and historic buildings, giving visitors a lot to snap when visiting.

Prague is a great city to visit but what about Ostrava? There is a lot more to the Czech Republic!

Prague Castle ©shutterstock_Travel Faery


Edinburgh Castle



Not far behind in fourth is Edinburgh Castle - steadily perched upon a mighty rock overlooking the city - the fortress has accumulated over 600,000 hashtags by tourists who just couldn’t resist taking this grandiosity to Instagram.

Well worth a visit to see the crown jewels, discover more about the history and the incredible great hall. There are also incredible views. Did you know you can also now book tickets for next year's incredible The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo? The annual festival takes place on the castle esplanade in August and brings together a group of diverse musicians and dancers from around the world. Be quick as it's very popular.

Have you already visited Edi