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Mini Travel Guide - Ostrava & Surrounding Areas, Czech Republic

Updated: Mar 14

Back In July, I traveled to the Czech Republic initially to Prague, which has become a very popular city break destination. Then as I mentioned there is more to the Czech Republic than Prague! Here is what not to miss when visiting Ostrava & surrounding areas.

Wooden house with large green lawn garden with wooden fence.
Traditional Czech Housing ©MDHarding

What To See In Ostrava and Surrounding Areas, Czech Republic

Czech Republic

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The Czech Republic's history dates back to the 5th century AD when it is said that Slavic tribes from the Vistula basin settled in what is known as today's three regions of Silesia, Moravia, and Bohemia. Bohemia is known for its magnificent romantic castles and natural beauty with winding rivers and forests. While Moravia and Silesia are like walking back in time to experience living folklore with handicraft traditions. While each region has its unique heritage, history, and more. There is too much to mention this time around. Here is just a small selection of what not to miss when you visit.

Detailed map of Czech Republic
Map of Czech Republic ©Lonely Planet


Once known as the black heart of the Czech Republic, with its industrial history - Ostrava today it couldn't be any further from that. There are great places to visit including the Vitkovice complex, science and art centres. It's a great place to base yourself and your family to see some of the stunning surrounding areas.