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Mini Travel Guide - Ostrava & Surrounding Areas, Czech Republic

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

Back In July, I traveled to the Czech Republic initially to Prague, which has become a very popular city break destination. Then as I mentioned there is more to the Czech Republic than Prague! Here is what not to miss when visiting Ostrava & surrounding areas.

Wooden house with large green lawn garden with wooden fence.
Traditional Czech Housing ©MDHarding

What To See In Ostrava and Surrounding Areas, Czech Republic

Czech Republic

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The Czech Republic's history dates back to the 5th century AD when it is said that Slavic tribes from the Vistula basin settled in what is known as today's three regions of Silesia, Moravia, and Bohemia. Bohemia is known for its magnificent romantic castles and natural beauty with winding rivers and forests. While Moravia and Silesia are like walking back in time to experience living folklore with handicraft traditions. While each region has its unique heritage, history, and more. There is too much to mention this time around. Here is just a small selection of what not to miss when you visit.

Detailed map of Czech Republic
Map of Czech Republic ©Lonely Planet


Once known as the black heart of the Czech Republic, with its industrial history - Ostrava today it couldn't be any further from that. There are great places to visit including the Vitkovice complex, science and art centres. It's a great place to base yourself and your family to see some of the stunning surrounding areas.

360 degree views across the city from the Bolt Tower.
View from the Bolt Tower ©MDHarding


Tesin is located in the beautiful Moravian-Silesian region, known for its industry, history, and areas of natural beauty.

The private bus tour from Ostrava was a really interesting one visiting the Leaning church of St Peter of Alcantara. Once a hiving area of industry, over time and with over mining the town began to sink. The residents moved away and with mining ceased the surrounding lands are now lush green and the holes filled with water, creating natural habits for wildlife.

Once a large hole created by mining, it has been reclaimed by nature. Now a beautiful lush meadow with wild white flowers.
Large wild meadow ©MDHarding

Before experiencing the local handicrafts (wood churning, roofing, and knitting) hearing about the folklore of Mosty u Jablunkova a beautiful town located in the foothills of the picturesque Beskydy Mountains.

A selection of wooden spoons, key rings and bowls.
Beautiful Turned and Handcrafted Wooden Gifts ©MDHarding

Later Cieszynska also known as Tesin (Cieszyn) the small border town in Poland was famous for outdoor cinema on the Olza River banks. Today you can also visit the castle, with it's incredible views, St Nicholas Church, brewery & gardens.

St Nichols Rotunda Church and as featured on local currency.
The Romanesque St Nicholas rotunda church from the 11th century ©MDHarding

After exploring and gaining a hearty appetite we sat down to enjoy an incredible, filling lunch at Restauracja Tesinska - Cieszynska. There were lots of dishes on the menu to choose from.

Apple Strudel with vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, fruit and sauce.
Strudel ©MDHarding

The last stop of the day was Tripoint where the borders of the Czech Republic, Poland, and Slovakia join together. While relaxing and enjoying the locally brewed beer (Hrcavske Pivo) we discovered that under each point, a time capsule was buried! How awesome is that?

Today was incredible, meeting lots of wonderful people, hearing stories about their passions and traditions, as well as some of the sad stories of when borders were created during the war and the only way of seeing your family was to stand at either side of the river and shout to one another.

Local brewed beer in the garden.
Enjoying a Local Brewed Beer at Tripoint ©MDHarding


The Kravařsko region nestles in the picturesque Odra valley.

On this day we visited the fairytale Kunin Chateau built in a baroque style located in Kunin. which was built by a local aristocratic family as a school. The house holds an interesting collection of original works of art, furniture, and ornate interiors.

Inside the Kunin Chateau with it's white and blue decorative walls.
Kunin Chateau ©MDHarding

It was incredible to see the Wesselsky Flour Mill and hear about its history and how the millers' families lived. See the water wheel in action and explore the many outdoor buildings including a barn connected with the mill and a courtyard with sheds. It was like stepping back in time seeing the children's toys, and mill equipment and it looks like everything had never been touched.

Did you know you can even stay in this beautiful location within one of the on-site buildings?

Outside The Wesselsky Flour Mill.
Outside The Wesselsky Flour Mill ©MDHarding

The area has lots to see and do for the whole family including Hei Park in Tosovice, only a short drive from the Wesselsky Flour Mill. The park has both high adrenaline activities like riding a mechanical bull and rides including both within a log and on a tire.

Gentleman on slide at Hei Park.
Hei Park (sorry screen capture from film clip) ©MDHarding

Did you know that nearby Pribor was the birthplace of Sigmund Freud?


Reaching the Czech Republic couldn't be easier, with frequent flights or trains within Europe. once you have arrived in the Czech Republic, it is really easy to get around by public transportation. Have you heard of II REGIOJET? No, I hadn't either. They offer inexpensive bus and train services both in the Czech Republic and beyond! With comfortable leather chairs, free coffee, and tea service at your seat, and free Wi-Fi. The service throughout was really good. The only downside is that there is not much room to store large pieces of luggage. Relax in comfort and enjoy the great scenery through the large windows.

Why not extend your stay and travel throughout the country? Did you know there are 12 UNESCO World Heritage sites to visit?

People on platform at the train station, boarding the II Regiojet train.
Boarding II REGIOJET in Prague ©MDHarding


I stayed at the Kampus Palace a modern hotel with a gym, restaurant, and 24-hour reception located in central Ostrava. There are a couple of different room options available, I chose a two-bedroom complex share. Which was ideal for the week, with a comfortable bed, en-suite shower room, small kitchen, next door to cafes, and a large shopping mall on the other side of the building. It is easily accessed by train, with only a few minutes' walk from Stodolní train station and a stone's throw away from the tram stop to both the town hall and to reach the Vitkovice complex with Bolt Tower. Although I walked to the Town Hall, as it's not that far. I felt very secure (locked entrance and lockable room entrance) while thoroughly enjoying my stay, everyone was very friendly and helpful too.

Photo of the historical Kampus Palace Hotel building in front of the building today.
A little piece of history - Kampus Palace ©MDHarding

I hope you have enjoyed reading and are inspired to visit beyond Prague. Happy Travels:) x

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