Is Travel Gastronomy A Thing?

Over the years I have indulged in local cuisine while travelling. My favourites have included spring rolls in Vietnam, pizza in Italy and ceviche in Peru. I have never travelled for gastronomy but it has become an important factor and one that is well worth including in your travel plans. I'm excited to share Mark Bibby Jackson - How To Experience A Country Through Its Food. It's filled with top tips, interesting facts and fun anecdotes! I hope you enjoy reading it, as much as I did.

How to experience a country through its food

By Mark Bibby Jackson,

Nothing provides the traveller with a better insight into a country’s culture than its food. When I reflect upon the moments when I feel I have started to understand different cultures, then invariably they have revolved around food – or more likely drink.

In Vietnam, the traditional greeting is “ăn cơm chưa?”, which literally translates as “have you eaten rice yet?” There is no feigned interest in the weather. They get straight to the point, and if you answer “chưa”, meaning “not yet”, they will invariably suggest that you go together for something to eat, or cook something for you themselves.

Eat Like the Locals

My most memorable meal in Vietnam, where I worked for two years, was a fish meal our team shared in a restaurant in Hanoi. When I say fish, I mean fish. One fish between the dozen or so of us, served over numerous courses, leaving nothing to waste – even the innards. This fish must have been related to Moby Dick.