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Flying Adventures Around The World

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

The world of flight aviation is forever changing with new direct flights, airlines and innovations. Such as programmable blue/white LED cabin lighting changing the ambience and making it more atmospheric. Said to give you a better inflight experience. Light plays a big part in both our physical and emotional well-being, that's why it's always better to fly west.

"West Is Best, East Is A Beast" - Unknown

Flying Adventures Around The World

New Direct Flight London To Swedish Lapland

Have you heard about the launch of SAS's new direct flight from London's Stansted to Luleå in Swedish Lapland?

The twice-weekly flights depart on Mondays and Fridays through till 15th March 2021. Luleå offers a wide range of activities from the chance to join an Aurora Hide Away Dinner; join a Hovercraft tour to the Lulea Archipelago; hit the road on an Aurora hunt by car; Drive your own dogsled; drive a Snowmobile; even join in with some Ice Yoga.

Not only will you save on travel time but also the flight is predicted to make the journey 18%-20% more carbon efficient. This combined with the fact that Luleå Airport was one of the first Net Zero airports in Europe for carbon emissions – helps reduce the impact of travel to the region.

This is the perfect time to plan an adventure of a lifetime and see the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) as they put on an incredible display, dancing across the sky.

To find out more about Luleå and book local activities and guides, visit

Around The World Flights

Right now is a great time to plan for that adventure of a lifetime with an around-the-world trip.

A few years ago, I had the most amazing experience travelling around the world on a gap year. Flying with Air New Zealand on an around-the-world ticket the only dates booked were the departures from London and Bangkok, the rest was open and I just had to call with the date when I was ready.

London - Bangkok - Sydney - Auckland - Raratonga - Fiji - Tahiti - Los Angeles - London

There is nothing better than learning while travelling. It's the best education I could have hoped for. Learning about the different cultures and their customs, food, currencies, languages and of course planning. Would I do it all again? In a heartbeat, but now slightly different and have other experiences. The foam party in Cairns was a lot of fun, working as a koala in Sydney, living and working on a melon farm, they were all fantastic experiences. Today I would book to see a performance inside the Sydney Opera House and take one of the world's greatest train journeys onboard the luxury - Ghan.

What travel experiences are you looking forward to?

We are all concerned about the global climate and how flying impacts that. Air New Zealand has diverted more than 890 tonnes of in-flight waste from landfill two years after the launch of Project Green, its glass recycling and product use waste reduction initiative. This is equivalent to the weight of five 777-300 aircraft.

Also as part of its ongoing partnership with the Department of Conservation (DOC), Air New Zealand has shared a tongue-in-cheek social media post for Valentine's Day as part of a wider campaign to raise awareness about the plight of native birds.

This year Air New Zealand unveiled a ground-breaking new lie-flat prototype sleep product for economy-class travellers. How amazing would it be to fly long haul and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to explore the minute you step off the plane?

Flying on one airline can make things a lot simpler when travelling, especially if something goes wrong but there are deals to be had, and with so much more choices on destinations!

"The cost of a Round the World ticket varies depending on the number of stops and distance travelled. The more countries you fly to, the more it costs. Smaller multi-stops range from £339 to £999, but you can still travel around the world for under £1000" - STA Travel

A Round The World With Budget Airlines

Here is an example of one around-the-world itinerary.

Round the World, visit Berlin / Singapore / Perth / Bali / Beijing / Los Angeles @ Various via Tripadvisor.

London Gatwick - Berlin - Easyjet * Top Tip: You can also depart from Stansted, although as you are returning to Gatwick if you depart from Stansted you should factor in how you will return to Gatwick. This should only be an issue for people arriving and departing by car, however. Berlin - Singapore - Scoot Singapore - Perth - Scoot Perth - Bali - Jetstar Bali - Beijing - China Eastern Beijing - LA - Air Canada or American Airlines * Top Tip: Direct is 5 hours quicker than the non-direct option. However, Air Canada (non-direct option) is a very good airline and some may prefer to save money. When booking (if non-direct) ensure you select the Air Canada option, there are options available for involving 2 stops and takes 10hrs longer! If you are taking the direct option, toggle on direct flights only to find the American Airlines option quicker. LA - London - Norwegian

Top Tip: There's actually a 6-day free visa now for Beijing and the surrounding area (Beijing/Tianjin/Heibei).

I hope you have enjoyed reading Around The World Awesome Adventures and feeling inspired. Have you already travelled around the world? What was your highlight?

For more information on jetlag, you can read How To Beat Jetlag and Get A Good Nights Sleep.

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As always I love to read and answer any questions you may have on travel. You can get in touch with me via the usual channels Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and email. Until next time, thanks for reading, liking, commenting and sharing.


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