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Book Review: Questions of Travel William Morris in Iceland - Lavinia Greenlaw

Updated: Mar 11, 2023

Questions of Travel: William Morris in Iceland - Lavinia Greenlaw

Title: Questions of Travel: William Morris in Iceland

Author: Lavinia Greenlaw

ISBN: 9781910749562/9781907903182

Available in Hardback, Paperback, and also e-book

Having studied art & design and traveled to Iceland, I was intrigued to read Questions of Travel: William Morris in Iceland.

Morris' intimate journals, written for a friend, unconsciously explore questions of travel, noting his reaction to the idea of leaving or arriving, to hurry and delay, what it means to dread a place you've never been to, or to encounter the actuality of a long-held vision. Poet Lavinia Greenlaw draws out these questions as she follows in the footprints of Morris' prose, responding to its surfaces and undercurrents, extending its horizons. The result is a new and composite work, which brilliantly explores our conflicted reasons for not staying at home.

It was a really interesting read about the trials and tribulations of William Morris' journey and what he discovered in Iceland. From the moment he boards the ship in Edinburgh to the purchasing of horses in Iceland. A very descriptive account, that's well worth a read.

Follow in William Morris' footsteps as he travels through Iceland and explores the questions of why we travel.

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The book is now available via Waterstones

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Happy Travels:) x

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