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Stories Through Pictures - Edinburgh International Book Festival

Updated: Mar 14

This year at the Edinburgh International Book Festival there were a few interesting and astounding stories told through images. Images tell stories, and perceptions through art, photographs, painted pictures, and words images. Here are some of the incredible books and authors you don't want to miss!

An image of words, travel, and adventure ©MDHarding

Stories Through Pictures - Edinburgh International Book Festival

Pictures of You

Rory MacLean the acclaimed author of Berlin: Imagine a City has collaborated with the Archive of Modern Conflict. Selecting only 10 amateur photographs from each decade, out of thousands to create Pictures of You.

Pictures of You - Rory Maclean ©MDHarding

The Art of the Bible

Kathleen Doyle and Scot McKendrick have come together to produce a divine art collection in The Art of the Bible. It includes some of the worlds rarely seen in medieval European paintings, that are so beautiful that galleries would fall over themselves if it weren't that the images were inside illuminated Bibles. The skill and craftsmanship are heavenly. The light and ambiance draw you into the scenes captured.

The Art of the Bible - Scot McKendrick & Kathleen Doyle ©MDHarding

Cave to the Computer Screen

Martin Gayford has teamed up with long-time collaborator David Hockney to produce A History of Pictures and pull together 3D objects, people, and places onto a 2D flat surface - Bringing pictures to vivid life.

A History of Pictures - David Hockney & Martin Gayford ©MDHarding