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The 6 Best Walking Tours In Edinburgh

The best way to see a city and get right into the heart of it is by taking a walking tour. Did you know that walking tours are not all about history these days? There are specialised themed walking tours, such as Harry Potter or literature walking tours. Here are some walking tours in Edinburgh you don't want to miss!

The traditional brick buildings on both levels of Victoria Street. The lower with the colourful shop fronts.
Victoria Street, Edinburgh ©MDHarding

The Best Walking Tours In Edinburgh

Why Take A Walking Tour

  • Discover & See things that you might walk past

  • Find out all the best places to eat, visit and not miss, while visiting

  • Short on time - this is the best way to really discover a city

  • Traveling alone? Taking a tour is a safe way to see the city and meet new friends

Buildings that look like they are out of a country and western movie. A jail and  Cantina saloon buildings. some wooden fronts with brick others yellow in colour and plastered.
Edinburgh's Wild West ©MDHarding

Architecture Tours

People have lived in Edinburgh stretching back as far as 8500 BC! Edinburgh Castle dates back 900 years! Built during the Middle Ages in 1103. Though there is evidence that the Picts inhabited the area for 600 years, between 300 - 600 AD. Edinburgh has many styles of architecture including those built during the Georgian (1714 - 1830) and Edwardian (1901 -1910) periods. You might like to visit Gladstones Land with its original painted ceilings built during the Renaissance (1550 - 1650) period and dates to 1550.

Have you wandered down any of Edinburgh's old town closes?