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Edinburgh International Book Festival: Compilation 2016 - 2019

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

Like many, I'm saddened that the Edinburgh Festivals including Edinburgh International Book Festival has been cancelled this year but wait have you heard about the online program? I'm sure that like past events there will be something for everyone! Here's a look back at the amazing events, books and of course the incredible authors at Edinburgh International Book Festival. Time to catch up on some reading and plan your visit for 2021.


Edinburgh International Book Festival:

Compilation 2016 - 2019

I've been going along to the Edinburgh International Book Festival for many years but this would have been my fifth year reporting on it. Each year I'm as excited, if not more, than the previous year. As it just gets better and better!

Over the years I have been incredibly lucky to hear and meet some of my favourite authors including Ian Rankin, Alexander McColl Smith, Marion Keyes, Michael Palin and many more.

Ruby Wax, August 2013 ©MDHarding

About The Edinburgh International Book Festival

Edinburgh International Book Festival began in 1983, an annual event taking place in August at Charlotte Square. Edinburgh International Book Festival 2017, there were over 800 inspirational events taking place including some of the world’s award-winning poets and writers. In 2017, the Edinburgh International Book Festival also extended along George Street.  

Debi Giliori - The Tobermory Cat, August 2015 ©MDHarding

August 2016

I love discovering new books, especially those that are travel related. In 2016 at the Edinburgh International Book Festival, there were so many that I had to cover them in two parts. Including everything from travelogues to full-blown stories on pilgrimages.

What are your favourite travel-related books?

Alan Cumming, August 2016 ©MDHarding

August 2017

Back in 2017 saw so many events for both adults and children that the event extended from Charlotte Square and along George Street. It was an incredible year featuring remarkable women with fascinating stories. Hearing and reading their stories definitely has given me more courage to go out into the world and do more solo travel. Very inspiring! Why not dip your toe in and discover where they might inspire you to go?

The landscape is forever changing, clearing lands for agriculture, the erection of staggering skyscrapers, and much more. Have you ever witnessed dramatic changes where you have travelled to or perhaps live?

Some say the journey is more important than arriving. It is something that has had me thinking on many an occasion. This year was very powerful! Have you heard of quantum physics or Astro projection? They say the mind is only working to a limited capacity and could do so much more. These events opened my eyes!

The best stories are those that can create pictures with words, creating emotion and transporting you to another place/time. Discover the stories created through pictures too.

All good things must come to an end. It's mind-blowing that the weeks can go by so quickly. Here is the finale of 2017 -

21st Century Adventurer Jennifer Tough, August 2017 ©MDHarding

August 2018

Travel and well-being I believe go hand in hand. A change of scenery they say is as good as a rest. While we are currently at home could we look at the world in a different light that changes our perspective? Allowing us to get that change of scenery that some of us are craving. What are your thoughts?

As well as many inspiring talks from international authors, there were also a few funny firsts! Have you heard of stereoscopy? The pioneering 3-D photography was discovered by George Washington in the 19th century.

Michael Palin, August 2012 ©MDHarding

August 2019

Last year the Edinburgh International Book Festival was as jam-packed as ever with many incredible events that were intriguing, interesting, factual, and some even hilarious.

Edinburgh International Book Festival, Charlotte Square, Edinburgh ©MDHarding

* Just announced the Edinburgh International Book Festival is going online this year! Taking place between Saturday 15th - Monday 31st of August 2020.

The programme, made up of over 100 events for adults, families, and children, will offer both live and pre-recorded conversations featuring leading writers, poets and participants from around the world.  Events will be free to view, and available through the Book Festival’s own website.

Full details of the programme and participating authors for the 2020 Edinburgh International Book Festival online, and information on how audiences can access the free events, will be announced at the end of July.  Very exciting!

I hope you have enjoyed reading and been inspired to read some of these amazing books. If you fancy and don't already have an amazon kindle account. Did you know you can sign up for two months free trial and there is also a one-month free audible trial too? It's a great time to take stock and travel from the comfort of your own home. Don't forget your local independent bookshops also need your help. Did you know many of them are offering a door drop service?

What are your favourite books? Let me know in the comments.

Until next time, stay safe and well x


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