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Inspiring, Funny and First's At This Year's Edinburgh International Book Festival

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

This year celebrated another successful year at Edinburgh International Book Festival with a line up of inspiring, funny and the first 3-D photography event!

©Nicole Ettinger

What To Look Out For - Edinburgh International Book Festival 2018

Kevin MacNeil - Muslings of an Extraodinary Being

Kevin MacNeil, the Outer Hebridean novelist brought to us Archie the Alpaca who sees life like no other! It was a funny and interesting event illuminating a whole different perspective.

Peruvian Alpaca ©MDHarding

Barry Cuncliffe - On The Ocean

An interesting and enlightening tale of inspirational voyages and voyagers. How and why we came to be On The Ocean. As a past seafarer, loving the life at sea I found it educational. I totally agree that, we are curious to what we might find and so the exploration of sea began. What are you curious about? A great way to enjoy the planet's many ocean's is on a cruise.

Rory MacLean (Author) & Nick Danziger (Photographer) - In North Korea

What we are curious and passionate about we tend to attract, I was very inquisitive to discover more about In North Korea. A country I have never visited, with so much mystery and intrigue. The photography and the stories paint a picture of everyday life in North Korea.

James Mayhew, Linda McClelland & Vivian French - Picture Books: Introducing Art

I love picture books with their wonderful colours, images, graphics and of course the tales they tell. This was an insightful event, reflecting on the books of our childhood and the perceptions of our first experiences of art as children.

Award winning illustrator James Mayhew, Linda McClelland from the Scottish National Gallery and author Vivian French from Picture Hooks, which provides opportunities for emerging illustrators discussed how we can support children to become strong readers and enjoy art.

It can be hard taking children to visit an art gallery to experience art, when there are delicate and fragile works with a "Do Not Touch" sign. Linda McClelland from the Scottish National Gallery has introduced family friendly events and trails to enjoy at your own pace.

Looking for some inspirational picture books to introduce your children to art? James Mayhew has created a series called Katie. With titles such as Katie in London, Katie and the Mona Lisa, Katie in Scotland and much more.

The Edinburgh International Book Festival has a large varied children's program that runs simultaneously with the adult program.

Are you an emerging illustrator? Visit Picture Hooks to discover opportunities.

Vivian French ©Alan McCredie

Dr Brian May & Dr Roger Taylor - Picturing Victorian Scotland

This had to have been my favourite event at this years Edinburgh International Book Festival. The first 3-D Photography event to have taken place with none other than Dr Brian May (lead guitarist of Queen) and Dr Roger Taylor.

Taking us back to the 19th century, where Scottish Pioneer in Photography George Washington Wilson created captivating stereoscopic glass plated images. Examples of George Washington Wilson's work was shown on a new 3-D projection system. It was a brilliant event! The book George Washington Wilson: Artist and Photographer is a piece of art, which includes OWL stereoscope for viewing in 3-D.

©Alan McCredie

I hope you have enjoyed reading, as much as I have enjoyed sharing these captivating events/books from an incredible program at Edinburgh International Book Festival.

This years events may be over but it's never to early to start planning your visit for next year to the festival. Please do book your accommodation early to avoid disappointment. Did you know Edinburgh now triples in population during the month of August! It's an electric time to visit this historical city.

As always, I would love to hear from you. Please email any comments/questions you have to

Happy Travels:) x

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