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The Best of Edinburgh International Book Festival 2019

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

There is one Edinburgh festival that is always in my diary - Edinburgh International Book Festival. It's always jam packed with events that are intriguing, interesting, factual and some even hilarious. This year did not disappoint with yet more events that were inspirational and also empowering. It's the last day of this magical event. You may have missed some of the talks, but here are some of the books to look out for.


The Best of Edinburgh International Book Festival 2019

*There are affiliate links within this blog. If you click on them I may earn a small amount of money, at no extra cost to you.

Running Free - Robin Knox-Johnston

50 years ago sailing legend, adventurer Robin Knox-Johnston single-handed circumnavigated the world on a non-stop voyage in 1969. The achievement not only took place in the same year but is compared to the moon landings. Twelve years ago Robin went on to repeat this epic and dangerous voyage aged 68, becoming the oldest person to ever do so.

There are affiliate links within this blog. If you click on them I may earn a small amoutn of money, at no extra cost to you.

Read the incredible tales in Running Free, how he survived the mammoth waves crossing the Atlantic Ocean, losing radio contact and bailing out buckets of water of 32-foot (9.8-metre) boat Suhaili. Are you holding on for the white knuckle ride?

Would you like to circumnavigate the world? Join Clipper Round the World Yacht Race. Seize the moment, unleash the adventure.

Robin Knox-Johnston ©imagecomms

Work Like A Women - Mary Portas

With the 'me too' movement still firmly in thought Mary Portas strikes while the iron is hot with new book - Work Like A Women. Empower yourself, be bold and embrace how you can be you, compassionate, caring and all women while in the work place. Reshaping the work environment to benefit both sexes.

Mary Portas ©Edinburgh International Book Festival

You're Not Broke You're Pre-Rich - Emilie Bellet

Empower yourself and your financial future with - You're Not Broke You're Pre-Rich. The session was filled with loads of great information on investments, saving and even app's. Demystify your money get wise with smart advice. As they say knowledge is power. What are you waiting for?

©Emilie Bellet

Blundering Through Asia - Sue Perkins

Travel isn't always glamorous. Join Sue as she recaps her journey through Asia even with episodes of dengue fever and typhoid all with a limitless sense of wit and cheer.

Get ready for the hilarious stories - East of Croydon, Blundering Through Asia

Sue Perkins ©Edinburgh International Book Festival

The Nocturnal Brain - Guy Leschziner

I don't know about you but I have always been fascinated by the world of sleep, lucid dreaming, sleep walking and talking. Did you know many young children go through episodes of sleep talking? Read the incredible case studies where some characteristics have gone to the extreme. Such as when one women has driven of on her motorbike into the night and back again only to discover her nocturnal activities the next day at breakfast!

This fascinating, factual book The Nocturnal Brain by Dr Guy Leschziner might be one for daytime reading!


Wild Women - Mariella Frostrup

Mariella has put together an amazing collection of women's travel stories, celebrating legendary women both past and present.

A collaboration of travel adventures by amazing women - Wild Women. Travel on incredible and daring journeys right from your own chair, Africa to Antarctica and more! If you love travel, reading about travel you will love Wild Women.

Mariella Frostrup ©Edinburgh International Book Festival

I hope you have enjoyed reading and inspired to get your copy of one or more of the above titles. As always, you can reach me via email, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Until next time.....

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