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Cheerful Buddha CBD Chocolate Review

I love chocolate! Over the years I have had some amazing chocolate experiences from visiting cacao plantations in Madagascar, a cacao museum in Cusco, Peru, chocolate shops in Vietnam, to a chocolate cafe in Ukraine. Oh, and how could I forget the brilliant chocolate tour in Brooklyn, NY and The Chocolatarium experience in Edinburgh. When I saw the opportunity to try CBD chocolate, I must admit I was very curious. Here is what happened.

Cheerful Buddha CBD Chocolate ©MDHarding

Cheerful Buddha CBD Chocolate Review

About Cheerful Buddha

Cheerful Buddha was founded in 2019 with the goal to harness health-enhancing goodness found in nature and infusing this into easily consumed food and drinks. Creating delicious hassle-free, daily health, and wellness routines. Only using the highest quality natural ingredients extracted from plants, and never forgetting that a positive existence is balanced and sustainable.

Buddha represents peace, love, and a positive existence. Cheerful Buddha’s products aim to make people feel good and improve overall wellbeing - which ultimately makes us all feel happier.

About Cheerful Buddha Handcrafted CBD Chocolate

Cheerful Buddha Handcrafted CBD Chocolate is a luxury bean to bar. Each bar contains 6 portions with 11.65 mg of the highest quality hemp-derived CBD oil and 70% dark chocolate. The total bar is 70g and includes 70mg of hemp-derived CBD. The bar contains non-detectable levels of THC (defined as less than 0.01%). The cacao originates from a single estate in one of the most remote cacao-growing regions in the world, Seram Island in Maluku province, Indonesia.

Handcrafted and perfected by a renowned chocolatier in the U.K.

There are advisories on the chocolate bars; not intended for use by persons under 18. Do not take if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or taking medication without seeking advice from your GP or medical practitioner. Do not exceed the recommended daily usage of 70mg CBD per day across any products containing CBD. It is not intended to diagnose, treat or prevent any disease.

Cheerful Buddha ensures a 100% natural and sustainably sourced product. Palm oil-free, unrefined sugar only, no emulsifiers. Please note that made in a factory that also handles tree nuts.

CBD Chocolate Mint