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Back To Your Roots

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

We all need time to re-connect, re-energise and re-ignite our passions. For some time I have been inspired by ancient woodlands, nature and all its wonders. Yesterday, a friend shared with me a mystical and magic location abundant in natural beauty. One of the largest areas in Scotland contains ancient woodland that's also a haven for wildlife. I was in my element taking photographs, listening to the birds singing and the water rapidly flowing past. It's times like these when you can stop, think and take a breath for the ever-growing fast-paced world that we live in. Here's what you might not know about trees and celebrities.

The Base of The Grandmother Yew Tree ©MDHarding

Back To Your Roots

Benefits of Trees

Have you ever imagined where we would be without trees? What the landscape would look like and what about the air that we breathe?

Tree Murmurs

Discover the inner language of the tree and their murmurs of past wisdom on a tour with Celtic Trails Scotland.

See ancient monuments, Celtic groves and stone carvings.

Celtic Stone ©MDHarding