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Foraging Mushrooms and More In Scotland

Searching for and collecting edible plants, fruits, nuts, seeds, and fungi from the outdoors is a year-round activity and can be a great way to spend time in nature. Though it was once a way of life for our distant ancestors, during World War 2, collecting wild rosehips to make syrup became an important way of supplementing vitamin C intake when the importation of fruits such as oranges was widely restricted. Today it is gaining in popularity. Here are some unique foraging classes, workshops, and more.

Wicker basket with some foraged mushrooms and berries.
Foraging In Scotland

Foraging Mushrooms and More In Scotland

Foraging Session With Coeur Sauvage

Large box with a wide selection of foraged mushrooms of all shapes and sizes.
Introduction To Foraging ©Coeur Sauvage

About Coeur Sauvage

Coeur Sauvage is a prestigious team of foraging experts carried by their passion for nature, food & drink in Scotland. The beautiful Scottish wilderness is full of culinary treasures.

3-Hour Introduction To Foraging With Coeur Sauvage

  • Learn all about a variety of edibles and more unsavoury species as well as tidbits of lore, stories & sensory experiences 

  • Head back to basecamp for a guided identification session on what you've collected

  • Then tuck into a tasty meal of pre-prepared foraged treats

Discover more and how to book at:

Wild Foraging Experience Days With Wedgwood


Join one of Scotland’s leading chefs, Paul Wedgwood as he takes you on an outdoor culinary adventure in East Lothian, outside Edinburgh. On this Wild Foraging Experience Days With Wedgwood one-day tour, you will forage for the very best seasonal wild ingredients and discover how to identify edible leaves, fruit, and berries. After a morning in the wild, return to Edinburgh to enjoy a delicious tasting menu at Wedgwood The Restaurant with the items foraged and identified.

Go Wild For Foraging In The Cairngorms National Park

The Loch with beach and forest.
Loch Morlich, Cairngorms National Park ©M D Harding Travel Photography

The Cairngorms National Park is a haven for wildlife and nature. Said to have been formed 40 million years before the last ice age! Today it is home to some of the finest wild foods including Chanterelles mushrooms, Sloes (gin-making berries), Brambles (Blackberries), and more!

A great way to get back to hunter-gatherer routes is to Join a local guide or ranger in the cairngorms.

Historic Scotland Holyrood Park Ranger Walks

The rock formations of Arthur's Seat with Edinburgh Castle in the background.
Looking out To Edinburgh Castle From Arthur's Seat, Edinburgh ©M D Harding Travel Photography

join the Rangers in Holyrood Park to learn more about Arthur’s Seat’s turbulent past, created by fire and ice! with an ‘Arthur’s Amble’ which is a gentle stroll, ‘Arthur’s Secrets’ a popular guided walk, or a foraging walk.

Natural Dyeing Weekends and Days In The Scottish Highlands

Baskets with wool and natural dyes.
Natural Wool And Dyes ©M D Harding Travel Photography

As well as foraging wild ingredients for delicious dishes did you know you can also make natural dyes for clothing, writing, and painting?

Tartans and tweeds were all originally produced with natural dyes with the many dye plants growing in the Highlands.

Some of the plants that may be used include; Nettles, Bog Myrtle, Birch bark, Heather tops, Indigo, Madder, Turmeric, onion skins, Marigold, and Elderberries (depending upon the season and availability).

I hope you are inspired to try one or more of these incredible experiences in Scotland.

Until next time..., Michelle


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