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A Journey Through Jewellery

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Jewellery has been given as presents, gifts and special keepsakes for centuries. Today we love to collect for its special meaning, being gifted to you by someone special or perhaps that momento from some distant destination, that you loved and would like a piece of it to take home, keep close to your heart and never forget those treasured times.

Treasure at the Mel Fisher Museum, Key West, Florida ©MDHarding

A Journey Through Jewellery: Jewellery that has travelled a long way to get to you, Jewellery that will help you on your personal journey and jewellery to remind you of your journey.

With Mother's Day fast approaching, I thought I would share some tales of unique pieces you could collect on your travels, inspiring pieces and some that have travelled long distances to become creative and interesting statement jewellery pieces.

Reminiscing about the beautiful blue seas and white sandy beaches of Caribbean Islands such as St Croix, which I was lucky to visit while working onboard Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines.

St Croix Bracelet ©MDHarding

Theta Wish Word Jewellery

What will your Wish Word be? Are you looking to be inspired, motivated or perhaps looking for a little reminder of a goal/ambition? Find out what your Wish Word of 2017 will be.

Journey through 2017 with your personalised piece of jewellery to empower and create a better you.

Theta Wish Word Jewellery ©MDHarding


I don't know about you, but when I travel, I pick up lots of gifts and presents for family and friends. With the camera equipment already taking up premium space, there is not much left in the hand luggage. Collecting a little piece of jewellery as a momento of your trip doesn't take up much space.

Over the years, I have seen lots of quaint and unique charms from all over the world. With the most popular destinations such as Australia, there was a miniature Sydney Opera House, a Kangaroo with an opal stone belly, down to smaller destinations a Cornish paste in Cornwall and even in Bonnie Scotland you could pick up a Nessie or two. haha

The Big Apple - New York ©MDHarding

Recycled and Upscaled Pendant Necklaces

We all hear the stories about the mass amounts of our waste filling our landfills and most, is not biodegradable for many years! Would you believe this beautiful feather pendant necklace was created using rubber from recycled bicycle inner tubing? I know, it is hard to digest. Upcycled World is based in Edinburgh and hosts a number of fun upcycling classes and workshops including making your own beautiful feather pendant necklace and furniture painting. A fun day out for mums and daughters.

"Listen to your heart, Learn from your experiences and always be open to new ones" - Cherokee Proverb.

I hope you have enjoyed reading a journey through jewellery and are inspired for this coming Mother's Day. Don't forget to share! Happy Travels:) x

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