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Bicentenary UK - Nepal

Updated: Mar 11, 2023

2016 marks the 200-year anniversary of relations between the UK and Nepal. Here are some of the events that are taking place to mark this incredible occasion.

Nepal - UK 200 Years Connection

Did you know that Scottish botanist Dr. Francis Buchanan-Hamilton first collected plant specimens in Nepal 200 years ago? Dr. Francis Buchanan-Hamilton not only a botanist but also a surveyor and surgeon is also known as "the father of Nepalese botany", to be celebrated in his own right after establishing a unique relationship with Nepal and its people and due to that, it continues to this day.

Dr. Mark Watson Image © RBGE

A number of the incredible team at the Royal Botanical Garden Edinburgh have been working hard on a number of momentous projects including that of the Biodiversity Education Garden. The garden opened in March 2016 celebrating Nepal's many endemic plants and people. You can visit the garden as well as its original formal garden - Nepal's National Botanic Garden located just over an hour by car, from Kathmandu. The best time to visit is late afternoon when the sun is creeping through the trees with its warm glow.

Biodiversity Education Garden, Kathmandu, Nepal ©MDHarding

Bicentenary Mural

Artists came together to paint this beautiful bicentenary mural on the wall of the British Embassy in Kathmandu, celebrating the special, unique, and historic friendship between the UK and Nepal.

Ambassador John Rankin, British Embassy, Kathmandu, Nepal ©UK in Nepal

Nepal Book

The new comprehensive book Nepal: An introduction to the natural history, ecology, and human impact on the Himalayas edited by Georg Miehe and Colin Pendry, was published/launched in early 2016. The book is a wealth of information, covering the many aspects of flora and fauna and species growing in the different climate zones as well as much more. It can be purchased at the Royal Botanical Garden Edinburgh or Blackwell's (Edinburgh).

Image ©MDHarding

Royal Botanical Garden Edinburgh - Nepal Borders

If you can't manage to travel to Nepal, why not visit the lush borders of the Royal Botanical Garden Edinburgh? There have been a large number of plant specimens collected in Nepal and cultivated here in the UK for you to discover and enjoy.

Image ©MDHarding

Flora of Nepal a 200 Year Connection Exhibition

Discover the connection between the botanical cottage, Dr. Francis Buchannan-Hamilton, and Nepal. The exhibition comes to life with a mixture of both skilled original botanical art and reproduction of plant species, collected by Dr. Francis Buchannan - Hamilton and painted by a group of botanical artists while visiting Nepal in 2015. The exhibition is open now until Sunday 6th November at the Royal Botanical Garden Edinburgh - Hope Gateway.

Image ©MDHarding

Nepal is rich in diversity with over 7000 endemic plant species, cultures, and food. This year I had the amazing opportunity to visit Nepal. Find out more at - A to Z Travel Blog: Nepal.

I hope I have inspired you to discover and explore Nepal. If you have any questions/comments I would love to hear from you. Please email me at:

Happy Travels:) x

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