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Refreshing Nepali Tea

Updated: May 21, 2021

Nepali Tea is not only refreshing but made with the "Champagne of Tea's" - Darjeeling Tea. Grown at altitudes 3000 ft above sea level in the region of West Bengal, India. It is said to have many health benefits including preventing heart disease, cancer, tooth decay, obesity, strengthening the immune system and lowering cholesterol. With us, Brits being a tea-drinking nation what's not to love right? Health in a good cup of tea.

A cup of traditional Nepali tea served in a glass jug ready to pour into the ceramic white cup.
Nepali Tea at The Khukuri Restaurant, Edinburgh ©MDHarding

Nepali Tea

Did you know you can enjoy a refreshing and freshly brewed Nepali Tea in Edinburgh?

The Khukuri Restaurant

The Khukuri Restaurant has been trading in Edinburgh since 1997. An authentic Nepalese Restaurant offering freshly prepared meals for both sit-in and take-away. As well as the best cup of tea!

Fresh Ingredients Used in Nepali Tea

The natural aromas of the Darjeeling White Tea are infused with natural and fresh spices to make Nepali Tea. The blend produces a pure golden colour. Grown and produced in the Indian Himalayas, it is then directly shipped to the UK.

Fresh Darjeeling tea in it's natural form.
Darjeeling Tea ©MDHarding

Fresh Spices

The fresh spices used to infuse the Darjeeling tea, are ginger, bay leaves, cardamom, cinnamon and cloves.

Cardamom, ginger, bay leaves in natural form.
Fresh Spices ©MDHarding


Cinnamon has been praised for its medicinal properties for thousands of years, these are said to be from lowering cholesterol, blood sugar levels and reducing arthritis pain. The name derives from the brown colour of the bark collected from the interior of several genus Cinnamomum. The fragrant and sweet spice is available throughout the year but is popular during the winter months for its warming properties.

Close up image of cinnamon in it's natural form.
Fresh Cinnamon ©MDHarding


The aromatic flower buds from the Myrtaceae, Syzygium Aromaticum are native to the Indonesian Maluku Islands. Said to have health benefits ranging from aiding digestion to protecting the liver. These sweet warming flower buds are small but are giants in the world of antioxidants.

Close up image of cloves in natural state.
Cloves ©MDHarding


Cardamon is indigenous to India and Sri Lanka with health benefits including cholesterol, gastrointestinal protection and relief from cardiovascular issues. Why would you not want to have these in your tea?

Close up image of cardamon in natural state.
Cardamon ©MDHarding

Bay Leaves

The bittersweet spicy leaves come from the Bay Laurel Tree. Widely recognised for both their medicinal properties and culinary uses.

Close up image of bay leaves in natural state.
Bay Leaves ©MDHarding

Refreshing Pot of Nepali Tea

The Darjeeling tea is placed in the strainer, central part of the pot. While the spices are added to the boiling water and left for a few minutes to blend together. Once infused, enjoy!

Glass pot of freshly brewed Nepali Tea - Darjeeling with spices.
Fresh Pot of Nepali Tea ©MDHarding

I hope you have enjoyed reading about this not only delicious tea but healthy too! Why not enjoy yourself with friends/family or co-workers at the authentic Khukuri restaurant.

If you have any questions or comments, I would love to hear from you. Please email me: or find me on Facebook or Twitter. Happy Travels:) x

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