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Nepali Cuisine - The Momo

Updated: 18 hours ago

The traditional cuisine of Nepal - is the Momo.

Having recently visited Nepal and loving the local dishes, I was keen to find out if you could enjoy the great local cuisine of Nepal in Edinburgh.

What is a Momo?

The Momo is a type of dumpling native to Nepal but can also be found in India, Tibet, and Bhutan. It has been around for centuries, thought to have been first introduced by the Newari merchants from the Kathmandu Valley.

It is a staple part of the manual labour workers' diet and is now considered trendy by the younger generations.

Today it is a popular fast food made of flour and water with either a vegetable, cheese, or meat (goat, chicken, or pork) filling.

Last week I had the opportunity to not only see the making of the Momo behind the scenes but to sample this delicious dish at The Khukuri Nepalese Restaurant.

The Making of Momo's

The momos are freshly made and take approx. 10 - 15 minutes to prepare and steam cook. The fresh chicken and vegetables are finely chopped and mixed together.