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New Year Resolutions - Healthy Eating

Like most, I have good intentions at the beginning of a new year, and like every other year, it's healthy eating at the top of my new year's resolutions list.

This can sometimes be difficult with traveling, eating snack foods while on the go, and not having much time to sit down and cook a proper meal.

I love to try new foods and experiment and of course, traveling gives you so many opportunities to do this. But what about when you're at home you may ask?

I was delighted to meet Chiara - Italian Food with Style right here in Edinburgh. After traveling to Madagascar I was very excited to find out how you can use Madagascan Vanilla in cooking.

Vanilla seeds are carefully separated from the pod.

The Madagascan Vanilla is mixed with the creamy chicken. If only you could smell the sweet aroma of vanilla.

More than just food on a plate, delicious food placed with a creative flair!

The two finished dishes were mouth-wateringly delicious! (The main meal was Chicken with Vanilla and Kurkuma while the dessert was a scrumptious Vanilla Panna Cotta).

For more information on having your own specialty meal with the lovely Chiara at home, please visit the Italian Food with Style website.

Why not kick start your year and new years resolutions in one of these six fantastic destinations?

Thank you to Italian Food with Style and Go Travel Madagascar.

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