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A Cuban Classic Adventure

Updated: Mar 11, 2023

The land of salsa, clear blue seas, white beaches, and the classic 1950's cars.

Upon arriving in Varadero, the heat overwhelms you as you step off the plane, the sun blinding you, the dry dust in the air.

Relaxing in a hammock with a mojito, soaking up the sun, the sweet-smelling hibiscus wafting through the air, all while you watch the world go by. The heat against your face and sand in your toes, the crashing of the waves, life doesn't get much better than this!

If the relaxing bit gets too much, you can visit the bat cave - Ambrosio Cave..sorry no batmobile to take you there but you can jump on a hop on/off bus that travels past all the hotels on the main road.

If like us, and you stay at the Sandals Resort it takes fifteen minutes to walk there.

Once inside the damp dark cave, you are surrounded. The fluttering of bat wings and the sound of water dripping.

If that doesn't take your fancy then maybe you would like to visit the artisan markets? The detail and workmanship in the various types of wood made into classic cars, musicians, even vases. High-quality gifts at bargain prices.

The mosquitoes are a friendly bunch! I recommend insect repellent if you can pick up a plugin all the better. The wee buggers always manage to find a way in.

At the resort, we had the opportunity to take a bus day trip to Santa Clara and Trinidad. The traditional and local architecture side by side in the colonial buildings, surrounded by poverty, dusty streets in the midday sun. The locals going about their business in the classic Cadillac's shining like a shilling. Maybe you would like to do an individual tour from Varadero, perhaps one in a classic car?

The good thing about this climate is the mouth-watering, sweet-smelling fruit.

The colours vivid and alive too good to eat. The first juicy bite is mouthwatering tasty.

The choice is unlimited guava, watermelons, peaches, kiwi, and a few others I didn't recognize.

Upon reaching Havana the differences were all too apparent, worlds away from the laid-back beach scene. The metropolis of marble government buildings all around you, wider main streets to cover four lanes of traffic including horses and carts. If the heat and dust weren't bad enough, the ever-so-pungent horse manure topped it all off.

There was no peace to be had, traffic, people, and the locals taking every opportunity to sell to you.

Let's go back to the tranquility of Varadero.

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