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The Top Ten Weird and Wacky Smells Created for the UK’s Best-Loved Theme Parks

Ever wondered what Kylie Minogue’s breath smells like? How about the stench of rotting flesh? Does penguin vomit tickle your fancy?

Scent experts at AromaPrime, a company dedicated to immersing visitor attraction guests with scents, have opened its 400+ strong aroma archive to come up with its top ten weird and wacky whiffs delighting guests at the UK’s most-loved theme parks and tourist attractions.

Liam R. Findlay, themed smell consultant at AromaPrime

The Top Ten Weird and Wacky Smells Created for the UK’s Best-Loved Theme Parks

Topping the charts at number one is Kylie Minogue’s Breath. In 2002, AromaPrime created a breathing mechanism for Kylie Minogue's wax figure at Madame Tussauds, along with the smell of her breath - the popstar could even be heard breathing too.

At number two is Penguin Vomit, unbearably fishy, zoos use this stench as part of their learning programmes.

The number three spot goes to a smell most will agree isn’t pleasant – the Dentist. This scent is used in Halloween scare mazes to trigger personal fears.

Jaguar Urine is in at number four. Real jaguar urine and otter poo were posted to the AromaPrime lab so experts could get these scents as accurately as possible. On the subject of urine, in the run-up to a Thorpe Park scare maze, the resort invited guests to provide their own samples in pots as part of a competition for the stinkiest wee!

Travelling back in time to when dinosaurs roamed the earth for number five. Recreating the scent of the Tyrannosaurus rex was no match for the AromaPrime team who researched alongside paleontologists at The Natural History Museum for an accurate recreation of what a T-Rex might have smelt like.

Scent number six is the smell of Queen Elizabeth II which was created to accompany her Madame Tussauds figure. The aroma was based on Buckingham Palace and Her Majesty's favourite flowers.

Proving there is no scent the AromaPrime team cannot recreate, at number seven is the smell of Unicorn. To get this one right, the team studied ancient texts on the origins of unicorns and sniffed a few horses too.