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Product Review: Refill My Candles

Now that Autumn has arrived, it is the perfect time to create a cosy home, with a change of colour palette and the rooms filled with amazing aromas. I love to do this with homemade soy wax candles adorned with natural scents and no toxins. Here's how to create beautiful candles at home.

Homemade Natural scented Candle ©MDHarding

Product Review: Refill My Candles

In 2020 the luxury candle became a status symbol, not just a decorative home piece but an essential everyday item. This was especially true during lockdown when we were spending more time indoors and in need of comfort, warmth and a sort of escapism. Today you can recreate favourite travel memories in the scent of a candle, from coconut and bamboo (Malaysia), sweet notes of Vanilla (Madagascar), relaxing lavender notes (France) or what about maple syrup (Canada).

Last year I made my first homemade soy candles filled with cinnamon. I had no idea it was going to be so complicated, dangerous and messy. I loved the idea of making more travel-inspired candles including pine, pumpkin and apple though I was put off by my first endeavour. Then I discovered Refill My Candles, where you can purchase everything you need in a kit form, that is affordable, easy to use and the world is your limit.

Refill My Candles Kit ©MDHarding

Refill My Candles Kit

There are a few kits and an assortment of accessories available for purchase on the Refill My Candles website. The one above included a 600g bag of premium soy wax flakes, 3 x wood wicks, stirrer, measuring cup, measuring jug and two 25ml bottles of natural scents - Empyrean Rose & Fresh Afternoon to create 3 x 250ml candles/180 + hours of burning time. There is also an in-depth instruction booklet on how to make your candles, from how much wax to melt for different sized containers and the quantity of scent recommended for best results.

It was all extremely easy to use, mess-free and of great value. You can also re-use beautiful candles holders, upcycle preservative jars and more! Below you can see the candle I have created with an upcycled preservative jar and jute twine to create a small bow. This was after the soy wax had set and just before I cut the wood wick to size.

Soy Wax Homemade Candle Once Set ©MDHarding

After creating the candle, for best results, it is said to burn the candle continuously for 4 hours. Wow, the aroma from the Empyrean Rose is amazing! The living room smells divine. I can't wait to create more. I'm excited that Refill My Candles have also given me a discount code to share with you. Get your discount today by using: BC6AHZCD.

Handmade Soy Wax Empyrean Rose Fragrance Candle ©MDHarding

What candles are you burning to make? These candles will never get on your wick (haha). Are you inspired to make some seasonal fragranced candles or perhaps travel-inspired too? I would love to know. Get in touch via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or drop me an email. As always, please do get in touch with any comments or questions you may have. Until next time, happy fall!


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