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The Best Places To Enjoy Cherry Blossoms In Scotland

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

The most famous and renowned place to enjoy cherry blossom is in Japan but did you know you can also see an incredible display in Washington D. C? Are you a fan of Harry Potter? You might like to make a combined visit to Alnwick Castle (Hogwarts) in Northumberland. Here are some other places where you can enjoy the magical display of cherry blossoms here in Scotland.

Close-up of cherry blossom flowers.
Cherry blossom in the Sunshine ©MDHarding

The Best Places To Enjoy Cherry Blossoms In Scotland


Cherry tree lined avenue.
Cherry Blossoms, The Meadows, Edinburgh ©MDHarding

Edinburgh has a number of places to enjoy the beautiful blossoms, but three are particularly amazing! You can read more about the three best places to see cherry blossoms in Edinburgh, these include The Meadows, Princes Street Gardens and one other that may surprise you.


Landscape photograph of cherry blossoms at the side of Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum.
Cherry Blossoms by Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, Glasgow ©Catherine Scott

Bellahouston Park was once lined with beautiful cherry trees, earlier this year they were removed to accommodate water pipes. Don't fret these are to be replaced once the works are completed and can be enjoyed in years to come.

Have you heard or seen the magical display of cherry blossoms by Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum? The park was created in 1952 when the ground was acquired by Glasgow City Council, with design contributions by Charles Wilson and Sir Joseph Paxton.

The park has many architectural features including sculptures, fountains, bridges and a bandstand. There are also a number of paths across the park including those that follow the River Kelvin.


Portrait of cherry blossom tree with Falkirk Trinity Church behind it.
Cherry Blossom at Falkirk Trinity Church ©MDHarding

There are small clusters of cherry blossoms around the Falkirk area including by Callender Road, along Polmont Road and by the Falkirk Trinity Church.

Denny once a small village, expanded in 1825 with the production of linen and other industries including coal and iron founding. Today you can explore the town and enjoy a 1.5-mile cherry tree walk. It starts by the Town House building and leads beyond the sports centre. The trees are just coming into bloom now, another few days and there will be an abundance of pink blossoms. There are several walks in the area including woodlands, a castle, broch and a mysterious blue pool. Well worth a visit!