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Food is powerful. It’s so intricately tied up with our travel experiences, and can invoke some of our strongest memories: a taste or smell can immediately transport you back to a place or a moment in your mind. It’s also emotive. A country’s cuisine tells stories about its culture, and sharing food is undoubtedly one of the best ways to make friends and learn about people.

This week Explore Worldwide has launched a new series of Food Adventures all over the world, putting the destinations’ cuisine front and centre of the itineraries. Still exploring the key highlights, cities, and sites, the trips uncover a country’s culture and history through its food. Tasting the delicious produce, naturally, but also meeting local producers and vendors, visiting markets and even having a go at preparing dishes yourself.

Michael Edwards, Explore’s Managing Director says: “Food is one of the most important things about immersive, cultural travel, and it’s something that really roots you to the places you’re visiting. Personally, I’m a huge foodie, and I’m delighted to introduce these new tours that really showcase the best culinary experiences in the countries we visit – from markets and cooking demos to homemade meals shared with locals.”

Choose from mouth-watering itineraries in Tuscany, Portugal, India, Jordan, Georgia, Peru, Vietnam and Japan. Book onto one of the first departures of any new Explore trip for a 5% First Departure Discount.

Vietnamese Food

Japan Food Adventure – 11 nights from £3,995pp Travel through a land of contrasting flavours, from the freshest seafood in ultra-modern Tokyo, Hida beef and sake in mountainous Takayama, to Uji green tea capital and a private tea ceremony in historic Kyoto. Stay in a family-run ryokan, ride the bullet train, visit Kenrokuen’s landscaped gardens and try your hand at wagashi making.

Traditional Tea House, Tea Making Ceremony with Green Tea and Japanese Sweet ©MDHarding

Georgia Food Adventure – 7 nights from £1,245pp Unearth an unexpected treasure trove of culinary delights on a foodie tour that also takes in some of Georgia's most fascinating historical sites. Wander cosmopolitan Tbilisi's cobbled streets and wide boulevards before feasting on cheese-laden Khachapuri. Tour the vineyards and farmers' markets of the Khakheti wine region and journey into the high Caucasus mountains. Dine with local families and sample delicious wines.

Georgia Cooking Class

Indian Food Adventure – 7 nights from £1,195pp Travelling from the cosmopolitan coastal city of Kochi on the Indian Ocean to the lush green highlands and tea estates of Munnar, discover the sights and flavours of 'God's Own Country', relaxing in the backwaters on a traditional houseboat at the end of the trip. This tour is packed full of food experiences including an introduction to Sadya cuisine, a traditional thali lunch, a dosa-making demo, a cookery demonstration with a local family, and numerous street food snacks to try along the way.

Tea Plantation Munnar, India ©MDHarding

Peru Food Adventure – 9 nights from £2,650pp Peru's award-winning food scene spans flavours from fresh coastal tang to the earthy mountains, using local ingredients that harness the magic of Pachamama (Mother Earth). Learn how to create ceviche in Lima, eat an Andean lunch from a Quechua earth oven and visit a potato engineer in the Sacred Valley. All the while exploring Peru's deep-rooted Indigenous and Hispanic culture, culminating at the magnificent Inca citadel of Machu Picchu.

Peruvian Dish Ceviche ©MDHarding

Jordan Food Adventure – 6 nights from £1,025

A Middle Eastern culinary adventure where East meets West on the ancient spice trading route, delivering bold flavours and landscapes to match. Have a coffee masterclass from the local Bedouin in the Arabian Desert, learn about ancient Nabatean wine history and master the art of a good hummus on this mouth-watering holiday to Jordan.

Traditional Middle Eastern Pastry Dessert - Asabe Zainab ©MDHarding

Tuscany Food Adventure – 7 nights from £1,995pp A field-to-fork journey around southern Tuscany, tasting the flavours of its produce and regional wines and cuisine spending time on farms and wine estates, in the beautiful hilltop towns and the Medieval city of Siena.

Pasta Making

See Explore’s full programme of food & drink tours at / 01252 884 709

About Explore Worldwide

Explore has over 40 years of experience in providing exciting and authentic small-group travel experiences from cultural trips and family adventures to walking and cycling holidays. With over 500 trips in 120 countries, Explore’s expertly-crafted itineraries combined with award-winning tour leaders, small group sizes and a commitment to responsible travel ensure unforgettable travel experiences. Explore has immersive, sustainable travel in its DNA, as a founding signatory of the Glasgow Declaration and with one of the leading Climate Action Plans in the industry. All trips are Gold Standard Carbon Offset as standard, including flights booked through Explore. Carbon is just one part of Explore’s Sustainability Strategy and commitment to sustainable tourism. Earlier this year, Explore completed the biggest carbon-measurement project in the industry to date and is now working towards reducing the carbon emissions of its tours by 50% by 2050.

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