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Scotland's Best Seasonal Garden - Cambo Estate

I love a good walk around some of Scotland's best gardens, especially at this time of year. The days are longer and lighter, with the weather getting so much better. Here is one of my favourite's - Cambo Gardens.

Lots of Tulips in all shapes and colours.
Tulips of all shapes and colours at Cambo Gardens ©MDHarding

Scotland's Best Seasonal Garden

Cambo Estate

Cambo Estate is located on the east coast of Scotland by St Andrews. The easiest way to get there from Edinburgh is by car, but you can also visit by bus (stagecoach X59/X59A/X60 from St Andrews Bus Station, Edinburgh) or by taking the train to Leuchars (closest train station to St Andrew's) and then bus back down the coast and 20-minute walk to Cambo.

If travelling by bus the best value ticket is the Fife Dayrider plus bus ticket £11.50, you can buy it on the bus and the journey takes over 3 hours. It's very scenic. The train is much faster getting into Leuchers in an hour.

Cambo Estate has seasonal interest all year round. Did you know they have one of the largest snowdrop collections? With over 350 varieties and thousands of the common snowdrop - Galanthus nivalis. The woodland walk is very pretty, with the delicate whiteheads spread over 70 acres.

Visit during the Snowdrop Festival between February and early March.

Hundreds of delicate white heads along the woodland floor.
Snowdrops at Cambo Gardens & Estate ©MDHarding


The Tulips are spectacular in all their different shapes and colours. The best time to visit to see them is in April.

Tulips of all shapes and bright colours
Colourful Tulips at Cambo Gardens & Estate ©MDHarding

Roses come into their own in June but there is so much more to see during the year. I opted for a Cambo Garden Season Pass for the entire year at only £22 or for 2 persons it's £35. If visiting only once it's £6.50 per adult. The annual pass for 2 adults is super value and it's so beautiful you will want to return again and again.

Lush green foliage and seasonal flowers on either side of a gravel path.
Beautiful garden walks with seasonal flowers at Cambo Gardens ©MDHarding

Don't miss the Walled Garden, look out to the sea and keep your eyes peeled for sculptures!

Metal snail sculpture on tree by the side of the river.
Snail sculpture at Cambo Gardens ©MDHarding

I hope you have enjoyed reading about Cambo Gardens and inspired to visit. If you have any questions be sure to get in touch. You can reach me via email, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @MDHardingTravelPhotography.

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