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Copy of The Essential Summer Fruit: Strawberry

It's not summer without the plump red juicy strawberry. Did you know it's the only fruit with its seeds on the outside? The first garden strawberry was grown in Brittany, France in the 1750s. Today here in the UK over 168,000 tonnes are consumed (2015). I don't know about you but I love them. Here are just a few great ways to enjoy them.

Red Juicy Strawberries
Red Juicy Strawberries ©MDHarding

The Essential Summer Fruit: Strawberry

The Strawberry Season

It's always better to eat in season and support local producers. Strawberries are harvested between June until August in the UK, but with technology, the growing season has extended from April until October. Throughout the year strawberries are also imported from Spain, Israel, Morroco and Egypt.

Fresh Grown Strawberries at Cairnie Fruit Farm
Fresh Grown Strawberries at Cairnie Fruit Farm ©MDHarding

Grow your own

It's so easy now to grow your own strawberries. Have you tried?

There are over 103 species of strawberry, though there are a few to keep in mind if growing in the UK. These are Alice and Elsanta. The most popular is the Elsanta with its superb flavour and large yields of glossy, red fruit. The best time to plant is in April with ample time for the plants to become established before the warmer fruit-producing months. They love sandy well-drained soil, light, water and feed.

Fruit Picking

A great way to enjoy the essential summer fruit is to go fruit picking. There are loads of PYO (pick your own) fruit farms across the UK. The Balloon Tree, just outside York has come highly recommended with it's bursting succulent strawberry fields and other freshly grown produce.