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All Year Round Love-ly Gifts

Valentine's day may come but once a year but romance and love are year-round. Why limit sharing the love, when you can show your love and appreciation for that special person all year. Being a romantic at heart, I couldn't wait to share great ideas to show your love.

All Year Round Love-ly Gifts

Message In A Bottle

For that special message or perhaps your first wedding anniversary (paper) what about the unique gift of a message in a bottle? I know how excited I was to open mine. The authentic scroll paper with it's treasured message, alongside sand and shells in the bottom of the bottle. This one also comes with its very own treasure chest.

You may have heard or received a message in a bottle but have you seen the 21st-century version?

Love Heart USB

Yes, you can even get a love-ly silver crystal heart-shaped USB. It comes complete with its own silver chain to keep it safe. Pre-load your special message or photographs. It comes in either 8GB or 32GB.

Personalised Padlocks

For someone that loves travel, a padlock always comes in handy or perhaps you are visiting one of the love-ly cities where you can cement your love by leaving a padlock?

Have you seen the locks on Edinburgh's Forth Road Bridge or the love heart in Singapore or in the city of love Paris with it's Love Lock Bridge