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Romance Isn't Dead In These Stunning Locations

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

Everyone knows the popular cities of love Paris, Rome, and Venice but have you thought about traveling to a beautiful, romantic but also sustainable destination? There are many destinations today that can no longer cope with a large number of visitors including Barcelona, the Isle of Skye, Scotland, and Venice. Who enjoys visiting an attraction when there are so many people you can't see or walk around it? Here are some beautiful destinations you can enjoy throughout the year, without the crowds.

A reflection of Trondheim's colourful houses.
Trondheim, Norway ©MDHarding

Romance Isn't Dead In These Stunning Locations

Romantic Destinations You Can Enjoy Throughout The Year, Without The Crowds

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Slovenia, Ljubljana

What's not to love and with Slovenia even having the world love in it, it's worth a visit!

The beautiful area of Ljubljana, Slovenia is known for its castles, great food, and lovely people. Have you heard of Gregorjevo? The traditional Slovenian holiday is when the birds get married. Named after St Gregory, who was said to have brought the light on the first day of spring. St. Gregory was also known as St Gregory the Great. He was born around 540AD in Rome and was considered a perfect pope and an amazing spiritual leader. This year Gregorjevo will be celebrated on the 11th March in Ljubljana. Though celebrated and recorded during times of the Julian Calendar celebrated on the 12th March the traditional has gone on to the Gregorian calendar (also named after Pope St Gregory). The day is spent with loved ones putting candles on floating rafts to descend down the river - Tržič Bistrica. So remember, if you see any birds on this day just remember, it is their wedding day!

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