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Where To See The World's Most Beautiful Butterflies

Updated: Mar 11, 2023

I love butterflies, they can be very colourful and delicate. Mesmerised by Victorian collectors hanging plate the family was given as a present, at the young age of ten I was trusted with this incredibly fragile and beautiful collection to do a show and tell at school.

Since then I have discovered the world's great private butterfly collectors like A.S. Meek and Will Docherty who would collect for wealthy private individuals such as Lord Walter Rothschild. Lord Walter Rothschild declared at the tender age of seven that he would one day have his own natural history museum. He went on to have an extensive collection of Coleoptera containing more than 300,000 specimens and 60,000 species and a Lepidoptera collection of over two million! Becoming one of the most recognised entomologists recording extensive collections in North Africa and Europe. Discovering new species and publishing papers, many in the Museum's journal Novitates Zoologicae. Today you can see some of the collection at the British Museum of Natural History and at the Natural History Museum at Tring (Lord Walter Rothschild's 21st birthday present, which opened to the public in 1892).

The World's Beautiful Butterflies
Caligo Owl Butterfly ©MDHarding

"Within You is the power to rise above any situation or struggle, and transform into the Brightest, Strongest version of you Ever!" - Unknown

Where To See The World's Most Beautiful Butterflies

Travel the world to see some of the world's most beautiful butterflies, from Turkey - kelebek, Denmark - sommerfugl, Hungary - pillangó, and even Papua New Guina - bimbi.

Basque Country across northern Spain and southwestern France have one of the oldest languages in Europe - Euskara. Did you know there are over 100 ways to say Butterfly?

Today you can visit some of the world's stunning peaks, blue coastlines, and lush green valleys on a butterfly tour.

Did you know it's also said that Trentino, Italy from the air looks like an open butterfly?

Flight Of The Monarch

You might have heard or seen the incredible phenomenon of Monarch butterflies taking flight journeying up to 3,000 miles to winter in California and Mexico. Considered one of the world's most iconic pollinators.

Did you know you can now book a trip to see both the migration and a private tour of the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve in central Mexico? The best time to visit is between November and March.

Visiting Entopia Penang Butterfly Farm

One of the largest butterfly houses I have seen in the world is Entopia. Situated on the beautiful Malaysian island of Penang. The multi-story vivarium is filled with lush green tropical vegetation, a waterfall, and caves. The butterflies flutter from flower to flower freely. There are over 13,000 butterflies, and 120 species to watch and possibly even release!

World's Most Beautiful Butterflies
One of the World's Most Beautiful Butterflies ©MDHarding

Painted Lady Butterfly - UK Wide

This year has seen an unprecedented phenomenon of thousands of Painted Lady butterflies across the UK. The last large emergence was in 2009 when around 11 million were counted in the UK. There is evidence and research detailing the serious decline of UK butterflies since 1976. You can help by planting wildlife-friendly plants such as Buddleia, Coneflowers, Milkweed, and more. Who wouldn't want to see more of these incredibly beautiful butterflies fluttering in their garden?

The Big Butterfly Count

The Big Butterfly Count is celebrating its 11th birthday this year and last year more than 100,000 people counted more than one million butterflies during three weeks of high summer. Join this year's Big Butterfly Count here.

Glasswing Butterfly

One of my favourite butterflies Greta Oto more commonly known as the Glasswing Butterfly is a miracle of nature with its transparent wings, aiding its camouflage without colouration. I saw this beautiful butterfly in the Peruvian rainforest, but It can be seen from central to South America as far as Chile and on occasion as far north as Texas. It lives between six to twelve weeks, enjoying the nectar from both the Asteraceae and Boraginaceae families.

Did you know I have a Redbubble shop? There is a wide range of gifts available including some with the Glasswing Butterfly.

I hope you have enjoyed reading and are inspired to be part of the Big Butterfly Count.

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