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Piqi Probiotic Water Kefir Review

Recently I was given the opportunity to try Piqi probiotic water kefir. I had heard of kefir but had never tried it. Being interested and curious, I thought why not give it a go, as it's said to nourish your inner self and do wonders for your gut? Here's how I got on.

All four flavours of Piqi water kefir (Original Fig; Grapefruit and Cardamom; Butterfly Pea Flower; and Ginger and Lemon), lined up on a table with the large 750ml bottles at the back and the smaller 250ml at the front with the sun setting in the background.
Piqi Probiotic Water Kefir

Nourish Your Inner Self with Piqi Probiotic Water Kefir

What Is Water Kefir

Water Kefir (pronounced Keh - FEER) is a probiotic sparkling beverage. It is traditionally fermented using kefir grains known as the SCOBY (symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast), plus organic sugar and water.

Kefir is usually associated with a probiotic gut-friendly drink based on milk. However, there is another kefir that is completely dairy free. And with many people choosing to avoid dairy for health reasons, PiQi has created sparkling fermented Water Kefir. It has all the great gut health benefits of traditional Kefir but without dairy, making it perfect for those who want to look after their health. It is estimated that around 80% of the immune system is housed in the gut, and a healthy gut is believed to contribute to a stronger immune system.

What is PiQi Water Kefir

PiQi’s Water Kefir is a living fermented drink made from water, kefir culture (mixture of bacteria and yeast known as ‘water kefir grains’), and organic sugar. The fermentation process gives Water Kefir its distinctive light tangy taste and probiotic qualities.

Teeming with vegan lactic acid bacteria, it is a great way to add naturally occurring probiotics to your diet and support a healthy gut and overall well-being.

A delicious healthy gut-friendly drink, full of the probiotic benefits of Kefir. It is vegan, gut-friendly, caffeine-free, raw and traditionally brewed at a small fermentary in Devon. PIQI Water Kefir is available in four delicious flavours: Original Fig; Grapefruit and Cardamom; Butterfly Pea Flower; and Ginger and Lemon PiQi Life has created a delicious range of vegan, gut-friendly Water Kefir now available in large 750ml format available from selected stores, Zebra Plant-Based Grocery Delivery, Not on the High Street, and online from

PiQi Water Kefir Flavours