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Celebrating Horse Power at Helix Park

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

The history of working horses dates back to before the first world war, a lot of the horses were then recruited for the war efforts. Working horses were a normal sight to see on the fields, working the land but they were also used to pull barges along the canals and for milk cart deliveries. This year Scotland is celebrating the Year of History, Heritage, and Archaeology, what better place to celebrate Horse Power than at Helix Park, Falkirk? Home to the majestic Kelpies.

At the Horse Power event Helix Park, Falkirk ©MDHarding

Celebrating Horse Power with the Year of History, Heritage, and Archaeology

Horse Power Event

This past Saturday 9th September, saw the Horse Power event take place at Helix Park in Falkirk. There were 40 horses, displays, children's pony riding, horse and cart rides, and a range of traditional Scottish food produce, such as Arran Cheese, Clan Artisan, Mara Seaweed, and more!

Horse Power in Falkirk ©MDHarding

The Highlanders

The Highlanders were in full action at Helix Park. Did you know that the Highlanders refers to the people of the lowlands, the clans ruled the lands as part of clans in the 17th century. Then in 1715, the Jacobite uprising at Culloden took place. If you would like to discover more visit the National Museums Scotland to see the Bonnie Prince Charlie and the Jacobite exhibition until November 2017.

Highlanders at Helix Park ©MDHarding

Horses and The Canals

Falkirk is where both the Union and Clyde canals join, today you can visit the Falkirk Wheel. Take a boat trip on the world's only boatlift of its kind. The Union Canal was built in 1817 to transport mainly coal but there was also a passenger service on a 'swiftboat' which was pulled by two horses traveling at around 10 mph and took between 10 to 14 hours between Edinburgh and Glasgow.

The Seagull Trust returned back to times gone by for the day of Horse Power. The young Clydesdale horse gave it an almighty go, even when a little uncertain. In the day of technology and everything changing so rapidly, it was nice to reacquaint myself with equestrian history.

Discover more about Scottish canals, events, cycling, and walking routes for all the family. Have you heard you can now go on an Akwakat? Highly recommend. So much fun!

Horse on the Canal ©MDHarding

Horse & Cart Rides

Calcantray Clydesdales were out giving horse and cart rides on the day. Did you know Edinburgh (St Cuthbert's Co-op Milk Delivery) was the last to provide milk by the traditional horse and cart? And that Sean Connery worked as a milkman at St Cuthbert's between 1944 - 1950 before becoming James Bond. After 125 years the last horse-drawn milk delivery was on January 26th, 1985.

Today if you visit Lancaster, Pennsylvania in the United States of America you can Experience the Amish Way of Life. Where you can step back in time and enjoy authentic home cooking, dress, and traditions.

Galantray Clydesdale ©MDHarding

The Kelpies

Back in November 2013 the Kelpies, the largest equestrian sculpture were completed. The majestic sculptures by Andy Scott are incredible! Did you know that not two pieces are the same? The Kelpies were modelled on two Clydesdale working horses Duke & Baron. As well as the connection of the working Clydesdale horses on the canals, did you know there is also a mythical horse-like water creature called a Kelpie? Don't you just love a good story with myth and magic? Discover more on a guided tour, Where you will also get to visit inside one of the Kelpies.

Working Horses with the Kelpies ©MDHarding

I hope you enjoyed reading about Horse Power and were inspired to visit Helix Park and the Kelpies. Happy Travels:) x

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