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Lincolnshire Show - A Wee Highland Coo Van Adventure

Updated: Mar 23

This season has taken arms and legs, and we've been off and running to pastures new, expanding the coos' horizons. Just last week we were at the Lincolnshire Show, one of the largest horticultural shows in the UK. Attracting more than 60,000 visitors in just 2 days. It has lots to offer for the whole family with over 600 trade stands. Here's what you don't want to miss when visiting.

The Iconic Bowler Hats Worn By The Stewards At Lincolnshire Show ©MDHarding

Lincolnshire Show - A Wee Highland Coo Van Adventure

History of the Lincolnshire Show

The Lincolnshire Show's rich history began in 1869, since then it has been promoting food, farming, and the countryside. Today it showcases a variety of produce, from arts and crafts, food, and also entertainment for the whole family with in-flight displays from the Red Arrows, show jumping and even chainsaw carving!

Show Jumping, Lincolnshire Show ©MDHarding

Lincolnshire Cattle

Lincolnshire Long-Haired Sheep sometimes called the Lincoln Long Wool has the heaviest and coarsest fleece, although it has considerable luster. The official breed association was established in 1892 to register the long wool pedigrees. The Lincoln Long Wool is also now listed as a 'vulnerable' rare breed.

Belton Lincolnshire Long-Haired Sheep ©MDHarding

Lincolnshire Produce

The Lincolnshire Plum Bread/Loaf was first made in 1901 by Charles Myers in the small town of Alford, Lincolnshire. Today you can buy it with either just plum or also a deluxe version including cherries.

Plum Bread ©MDHarding