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The Tipple Of Scotland, Whisky - A Wee Highland Coo Van Adventure

Updated: 13 hours ago

The last in the series of A wee Highland Coo Van Adventure, roaming Scotland's pastures to graze on nothing but the best! Scotland is famous for its whisky, from the distinctive peat to the smooth single Scottish malts. What is your favourite tipple? Did you know there are over 120 whisky distilleries in Scotland? The main five producing areas are Campbeltown, Highland, Islay, Lowland, and Speyside. It is said that Scotland has the best water in the world maybe there is something in that when the Gaelic name for whisky is uisge beatha which means "water of life".

Blair Athol Distillery, Perthshire ©MDHarding

The Tipple Of Scotland: Whisky

Scotland's Highest Whisky Distillery

Visit Scotland's highest whisky distillery - Dalwhinnie Distillery at 1164 metres above sea level, in the beautiful Scottish highlands. Here you can take a tour and try up to six single malts all paired with handmade chocolates.

Dalwhinnie Highland Single Malt Scottish Whisky ©MDHarding

Scotland's Lowest Whisky Distillery

Edradour Distillery used to be the smallest whisky distillery in Scotland. Located in bonnie Perthshire it is the only single malt handmade whisky produced in a farm distillery. Dating back to 1825 named Edradour after the Scottish Gaelic Eadar Dhà Dhobhar meaning "two rivers".