Book Review: The First English Explorer - Kit Mayers

I don't know about you but If i'm not traveling, i'm researching my next adventure. As well as looking for a great read to take on that next journey. When the opportunity came up to read "The First English Explorer" I was excited, full of intrigue and anticipation of the book arriving! I couldn't wait to delve into it and discover the routes of the first sea voyages and read about the adventures of Anthony Jenkinson - The First English Explorer. Who says you need to make a physical journey, books are the best!

The First English Explorer - Kit Mayers

Title: The First English Explorer

Author: Kit Mayers

ISBN: 9781785892288

Available in Paperback £14.99

Travel back to the early 16th century and discover the life of Anthony Jenkinson (1529-1611) and his adventures on the route to the Orient.

In 1557 Anthony Jenkinson was sent by the merchants of London to try to find an overland route right across Asia to Cathay and the riches of the Orient, setting off a year before Queen Elizabeth I came to the throne. His expedition to the east took place some twenty nine years earlier than the first English expedition to the west. As well as surviving storms, Jenkinson was faced with thieving, illness and several attacks by bandits, before eventually, by sheer persistence, reaching Bokhara, which is now in Uzbekistan. He had completed two thirds of the journey and had reached the Silk Road that led to Cambaluc (Beijing), before finding that he could go no further because the route ahead was closed by continuous wars.

Author Kit Mayers has dedicated much of his time to investigating the travels of the first English explorer, Anthony Jenkinson. His extensive research has come together in his new book that details the adventures of Jenkinson, focusing particularly on his journeys to the Orient.