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Summer Tea Cocktails With Eat Clean Tea

Updated: May 21, 2021

Summer has arrived and what better way to enjoy it, than with a refreshing and healthy tea cocktail.

I teamed up with Eat Clean Tea to produce a healthy alternative cocktail with the added benefits of Premium Matcha Green Tea.

Like most Brits I enjoy a good cup of tea but over the past few years, I have become more aware of my health and the health benefits of herbal teas. So when the opportunity arose to make a chilled cocktail with tea, I jumped at it.

Premium Matcha Green Tea

Premium Matcha Green Tea is a powdered Green Tea packaged in Japan. Green Tea is known to have antioxidants but Premium Matcha Green Tea has "137 x the amount in normal green tea and is also proven to boost metabolism, improve skin, fight disease and will give you long-lasting energy like coffee – but without the crash!" - Eat Clean Tea.

Summer Tea Cocktails

With so much choice and after doing some research, I decided to go down the Ayurveda route with combining fennel, coriander, pear and of course Premium Matcha Green Tea.

Fennel has many health benefiting properties such as being an extremely good digestion aid as well as boosting metabolism and weight loss, coriander helps with purifying the blood and with skin inflammation. While pear is light, refreshing, cooling but also gives an energy boost, balances hormones and relieves restlessness.

Wow, Something so delicious and good for you, why would you not want to drink it!

Tea Cocktail Recipe

Fennel, Coriander, Pear and Premium Matcha Green Tea

You will need:

3 x pears

1 x fennel

1 x pkt coriander

1 x bottle Highland Spring sparkling water

1 x pkt Premium Match Green Tea

Water jug or other holding vessel to serve

Serves 4

Wash and peel pears then cut in to pieces, add into water jug. I used a quarter of sliced and diced washed fennel (add to taste). And then a hand full of washed coriander leaves added into the water jug. I used sparking water to give it an extra sparkle and fizz for that cocktail effect but plain water could also be used. To each glass add two small spoonful's (small spoon provided in packet) of green tea and mix.

A refreshing and enhancing summer tea cocktail.

Enhance your day, with it as a tea or blend it as a smoothie for a go to drink to enjoy throughout the day.

Enjoy During the Day or Night

I hope I have inspired you to blend your own refreshing summer tea cocktail with premium Matcha Green Tea by Eat Clean Tea.

As always I would love to hear from you. Have you tried making your own tea cocktails? What is your favourite recipe? Email: enquiries@MDHardingTravelPhotography or Facebook.

Wishing you a fantastic summer x

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